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Astro Hariharan

About Me

Mr. Hariharan –Astrologer by profession has completed his MA in Economics in 1995 from Madras University. His Forefathers were court astrologers in the PALACE of KING of Travancore three generations back. Intuition was a natural instinct and he pursued it with passion. With the blessings of his forefathers and motivation of his father who is his spiritual guru, He enhanced his skills in PARASARA SYSTEM OF Vedic astrology-learned with passion and devotion. He is having 18 Experience in this field. His father himself is a palm reader and Vasthu expert. He learned KP ASTROLOGY from Mr. K. Subramanian -in Chennai -Who is Son of LATE PROFESSOR K.S KRISHNAMURTHI- KP SYSTEM FOUNDER Of astrology. He has served thousands of people with Horoscope predictions through the Vedic astrology approach, KP system of Astrology, Prasanam Astrology-KP System Approach, Numerology(Name fixing for babies and companies), Marriage matching-compatibility of male and female charts in detail, Fixing Muhurthas for Marriage, Grahaprevasam, child naming, etc. He has dealt with more than 20,000 clients in his astrology career. He gives simple remedies and mantras. With the blessings of almighty, He gives more confidence to customers who are in a state of trouble and make them happy.

His area of expertise includes Vedic Astrology, Gemology and subcategories are as follows. 
  1. Business Astrology
  2. Career & Education Astrology
  3. Marriage Prediction
  4. Relationship and compatibility
  5. Wealth and property
  6. Family Consultation
  7. Medical Astrology

Call Now to Consult With Mr. Hari Haran. 

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  • Ranjith
    Aug 21, 2020

    Hari Sir is the best.

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