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Tarot Tejasa

About Me

Tarot Card Reader & Reiki Grand Master Tejasa is a modern-day Tarot Card reader, spiritual healer, and trainer. She experiences and shares life through love care goodness and compassion.

She completed her graduation from Mumbai university also did her post-graduation in Human Resource. She worked as a corporate HR for seven years. But being a natural healer within born intuitive instincts she realized her mission to be an occultism spiritual healer and therapist, practicing and teaching various forms of predictive science and healing modalities for over 10 years.

She did her Master Tarot Card Reading certification from Nalanda Reiki Centre, Mumbai in 2010. She analyzes all areas of life health, wealth, career love matchmaking business job pregnancy through predictive science like Tarot card reading.  She too gives simple Vedic and spiritual remedies.

One of her guide is her uncle, an Astrology Practioner since last 45 years, he gave her immense knowledge of our scriptures Bhagavat Gita and Gurucharitra which help her a lot to grow spiritually.

She has been actively associated with the Electronic & Print Media, She has presented herself on TV shows “Apaka Sathi” on Ayushman Active & Ayushyvani /Jyotishduniya in her subjects. She also writes articles & columns in local Magazines. 

She conducts Interactive Seminars, Experimental Workshops & Training Programmes across the country.

Apart from tarot card reading, she is a certified trainer and Practioner of below-mentioned modalities

  •        Mind Power
  •        Chakra Meditation
  •        Crystal Healing
  •         Reiki
  •         Karuna Reiki
  •         Angel Therapy
  •         Zibu Symbology
  •        Acupressure & Vacuum Therapy


Represented Alternative medicine therapy Reiki in national event Delhi MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2018 and received award Distinguished service Award. 

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  • Reena Verma
    Jul 26, 2020

    I am glad to get the consultancy from Mam. Too Good

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