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Astrology Analysis of India on Independence Day 2020


Astrology Analysis of India on Independence Day 2020

Onegodmed salute corona warriors because of whom many of us are celebrating Independence Day 2020 and wish that our country get free from coronavirus pandemic soon. With Onegodmed our customers continue to enjoy the freedom of expression. We have employees from various customs and cultures, religions, and languages, and all have freedom of faith and trust to speak their heart out.  

Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year with ecstasy and enormous respect for mother India. The purpose of any country is to elevate the standard of living and quality of life of its citizen. India stands out when it comes to its mythological significance and values which it imbibes in its citizens. India marked its freedom in 1947 and this is its 73rd Birthday. We all know the struggling story of our independence; uncounted numbers of lives were sacrificed to achieve this freedom.

We all should pay tribute to those unsung warriors on this auspicious day. This day is not less than any festival celebrated in India and has equal importance for every Indian regardless of caste, culture, creed, or religion. Many cultural programs are organized in schools and colleges and students and children love to watch and participate. However, 2020 Independence Day celebrations will have certain limitations amid the coronavirus pandemic.     

Astrology Prediction on Independence Day

We are the second-largest country by consumption and seventh-largest by area. Hence, every developed and developing country is eyeing India due to current dynamics and growth patterns. Our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has the vision to convert India to a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025. India is going through some tense times with his neighboring country specifically China and also dealing with the Corona epidemic, hence Prime Minister Independence Day address this time will be different from previous ones. 

Below you can see India’s birth chart. Birth Details of India – 

Date of Independence – 15th August 1947

Time of Independence – 12:00 AM

Place of Independence – Delhi, India


Now let’s do the thing we are best doing in - predicting future!

Apart from reading the above-mentioned chart, we have also considered the current transit chart (Gochar) for insights.  As per the combined study below are some insights:

New Avenues for India

The world is not quite happy with China as it is considered to be the birthplace of coronavirus. Many corporate is planning to move out of China and India is the best option available. We have a humungous opportunity to invite all the big shots and giant corporate to function from India. Mr. Modi has also come up with an in-house manufacturing concept and given a slogan – Go Vocal For Local meaning taking local companies globally.  

Dynamic Decisions

Prime Minister has taken a lot of dynamic decisions and as per the chart readings, this journey will continue for the next 12 months as well. There are a lot of decisions waiting for actions and there are high probabilities of moving them in a positive road map. The nation may witness some encouraging outcomes and things will move in constructive directions.

Relationship with Neighbors

Managing smooth relations with neighbors may not be a cakewalk for the government. With the decisions taken in the past, the current ongoing relations with close neighbors will only be going to be more challenging. The current issues and foreseeing some new ones will keep India involved in some tensed times.  

Business and Job Opportunities

We are seeing a continuous decline in the job and business opportunity, however, these will come to ease as per the chart readings. Businesses and Jobs shall flourish with the end of 2020 and may witness a sharp uptrend in the first half of 2021. New investment opportunities will see a remarkable improvement in jobs and the standard of living will be improved. The government shall put extra efforts into promoting Make In India projects to ensure growth trends for small to medium term enterprises.  

In Nutshell, as per the astrology, India has a great future ahead with some hiccups coming across the growth path. 

If you have any queries related to your readings talk to astrologer now. We have the best-certified astrologers from India.  Jai Hind!

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