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Corona Virus (COVID-19): What Astrology has to say about it


Corona Virus (COVID-19): What Astrology has to say about it

Corona Virus has brought the global economy to turtle speed. Each passing day brings a new case of infected people. This global outbreak isn’t a surprise as a thesis written by Sylvia Browne named “Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World” has predicted the same in the year 2008. As per this renowned book, the very first such case came up while Jupiter was transiting to Capricorn on 2nd December 2019 after concluding its 13 months long transit in Sagittarius. While Jupiter entered Capricorn, Pluto and Saturn were already present in the same zodiac sign. 

As per Sylvia Browne, “Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it has arrived, attack again 10 years later, and then disappear completely."

Jupiter is the planet of international travel and exchange. On the other hand, Pluto and Saturn get reunited every 34-35 years and bring financial breakdowns, recessions, and even war situations along. It has been seen multiple times in the past as well that whenever these two planets enter into any zodiac sign together, they create a mess out of the global economy. If we check the books from the past, we’ll notice that November 8, 1982, August and early September 1914, etc. were the periods when the global economy broke down as these planets were together.  

Let us know in detail what is Corona Virus and how Astrology is connected to it.

What is Corona Virus?
Stated as a pandemic, Corona Virus evolved from the non-vegetarian food being consumed in countries like China. It may consist of meals prepared from bats along with a variety of seafood. It has become so vulnerable that global business and industries have come to almost a halt. Their’s less crowd in the market and people now refrain from visiting places or going out of their homes. 

Astrological and Ayurveda Remedies to fight Corona Virus
While the research institutes are expecting quite a long time to prepare medicines for this virus, it’s always better to take care in advance. Ayurveda says citric fruits like lemon and oranges help you fight with such viruses to enter your body as they enhance your immunity powers. Also, green chilies, yogurt, and garlic should also be consumed. Also, Vitamin D is also among the necessities to fight of Corona Virus. 

General Precautions to avoid getting infected with Corona Virus (COVID-19)
1. Keep washing your Hands
You should wash your hands regularly to get rid of infections and kill any virus lying on your hands. For this, you can use a hand wash liquid or soap, or you can use an alcohol-based hand rub.

2. Keep Distance
While going out, keep at least 3 feet or 1 meter of distance with others. In case someone sneezes, this will protect you from catching a virus.

3. Greet everyone with “Namaste”, instead of Hand Shake
Derived from the Sanskrit word “Nama” or “Namas” and “te”, the word “Namaste” means “I bow to you”. To do so, an individual joins both the hands together and bows down a little. Contrary to this, avoid shaking hands to greet someone. A handshake may transmit viruses, dirt or any other type of infection between individuals. Namaste keeps you safe from direct contact and thus, from sharing any virus. 

4. Basic respiratory hygiene
Always keep your mouth and nose covered either by a face mask, tissue or handkerchief. While sneezing, use your bent elbow or your tissue and dispose of the same immediately. The droplets present in your sneeze spread the virus and it should be practiced in your routine. 

5. Consult Doctor if health declines
If you are suffering from any of the below mentioned health issues, you should definitely consult a doctor and get the necessary treatment
  1.  Fever and Tiredness
  2.  Dry cough
  3.  Breathing Issues
  4.  Body Ache
  5.  Sore Throat
  6.  Diarrhea

We recommend everyone to remain indoors and avoid unnecessary travel. We wish you a healthy life ahead. For all your health related concern Talk to our best Medical Astrologers online.

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