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Do you know what is your zodiac sign? Do you know what are the distinct traits of your zodiac sign which distinguish you from others? Or else, do you know what do you share in common with other zodiac signs? At times, you must have wondered as to how you happen to connect well with some of your friends than the rest. Believe me, every human is distinct and he/she happens to get well along with people of similar thinking and ideas.

So, what are you waiting for! Do go through the distinct traits of the twelve zodiac signs given below.

Aries zodiac sign: This zodiac sign is the first and literally it stands for leadership. Aries falls between March 20 and lasts till 19th April. Mars is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign. If you happen to be an Aries then you are absolutely audacious and full of courage and leadership qualities. You aspire to be the leader whether in school or office. Your greatest asset is your ability to take on the difficult tasks with a smile. However, your anger tends to be your weakness which at times offends others.

Taurus zodiac sign: This is the second zodiac sign and being ruled by Venus; it symbolises beauty, art and love. Taurus falls between 19th April and lasts till 20th May. I must tell you a secret that if you belong to the Taurus zodiac sign then you must have garnered a lot of compliments for your beauty. You are also have a love for arts. Nonetheless, it your stubborn nature which at times lets you down in front of others.

Gemini zodiac sign: This is the third zodiac sign and its ruling planet is Mercury. Gemini begins from 20th May and remains till 20th June. If you are Gemini, then let me tell you that you extremely, witty, intellectual and restless by nature. Your greatest strength is your ability to grasp information quickly and communicate it to others with simple ease. You are also extremely lively and humorous by nature making you an excellent life partner. It is your extreme practically which might represent you as emotionless to others.

Cancer zodiac sign: The fourth zodiac sign, Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon. Cancer falls between 20th June and lasts till 22th July. Cancerians are extremely emotional by nature. Like the tides of the Moon which rise and fall quickly, Cancerians also go through different kinds of mood swings which makes them unpredictable at several moments. However, it is there extreme sensitivity to understand the situation of others which makes them admired by others. Their lack of rationally happens to be their weakest trait.

Leo zodiac sign: Ruled by the planet Sun, it is the most energetic zodiac sign of the twelve zodiacs. Leo falls between 22nd July till 22nd August. If you are a Leo, then you love to get compliments from others, you are a party lover, and extremely wise and intelligent. It is your extreme generosity and helpful nature which attracts attention in society. It is your violence and aggression which at times makes you unpopular.

Virgo zodiac sign: This is the sixth zodiac sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo begins from 22th August and lasts till 22nd September. Virgos are extremely practical by nature. They like to live life with ease without putting in much effort. They are systematic and are guided solely by logic. They are get along well with Capricorns and Taurus.

Libra zodiac sign: Ruled by the planet Venus, it is the seventh zodiac sign. Libra begins from 22nd September and lasts till 22nd October. If you are a Libran then you have an absolutely charming personality. Your biggest asset is your ability to manage balance in all spheres of life. However, it is your extravagant nature which at times creates problem for you.

Scorpio zodiac sign: Scorpio begins from 22nd October and lasts till 22th November. This is the eighth zodiac sign and the most invincible one! Yes, you would be surprised to know that Scorpios are born leaders. They are ruled by the planet Mars and are extremely mature beyond their age. Your most distinctive trait is the ability to take on the challenges of life and emerge victorious as the leader. It is also widely believed that Scorpios are the best friends and the worst enemies. A Scorpio will never reveal the true feelings of his heart to anyone which often takes others by surprise.

Sagittarius zodiac sign: It begins from 22nd November and lasts till 21st December. Ruled by planet Jupiter; it is the ninth zodiac sign. If you a Sagittarius, then I must tell you that are a born traveller and adventurer. You love to travel and explore new lands. The desire to know the unknown is your biggest trait. However, you at times, tend to speak bluntly which puts you down in front of others.

Capricorn zodiac sign: This sun sign falls between 22nd December and lasts till 21st January. Capricorns are known to be extremely ambitious by nature. This is the tenth zodiac sign and ruled by the planet Saturn. If you a Capricorn, tell you are extremely methodical, rule-abiding, loyal and steadfast by nature. The proverb: ‘ Slow and steady wins the race’ is apt for your sun sign. It is your tendency to procrastinate and selfishness which are your biggest weaknesses.

Aquarius zodiac sign: This is the eleventh zodiac sign and ruled by planet Saturn. Aquarius falls between 21st January and lasts till 20th February. You are extremely rational and focus on objectivity. Your distinctive trait is the desire to defy authority and adopt the unconventional as the norm. You are extremely innovative and kind by nature.

Pisces zodiac sign: This the twelfth zodiac sign and ruled by the planet Jupiter. Pisces begins from 21st February and lasts till 19th March. If you a Pisces, then let me tell you a secret: You are a dreamer at heart! Yes, you like to dream even during the daytime and like to see every thing with rose-coloured spectacles. Your helping nature and the ability to comprehend the sorrow of others makes you the most likeable of the lot. Nonetheless, your emotional nature and lack of rationality makes you face several obstacles in your life. 

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