Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Mangal Murti Moriya!

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Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Mangal Murti Moriya!


Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Mangal Murti Moriya!

In India, any auspicious work is started after praying to Lord Ganesha. He is considered as the God of beginning and honored at the embark of rituals and ceremonies. It can be marriage, inauguration, baptism ceremony, new business setup, constructing a house or anything consider being holy and very significant. Lord Ganesha is considered to be the herald of wisdom and prosperity. His popular names are Ganpati and Vinayaka.


Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 puja is on 22 August which is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. It is one of the most significant and widely celebrated festivals in India. Ganesh Chaturthi marks the birth of Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This festival is celebrated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm by families and in temples throughout India. Ganesha Visarjan will be done on September 1, 2020.  


History of Ganesh Chaturthi 


Once Goddess Parvati was going for a bath and created a child with sandalwood and turmeric paste to guard and not let anyone enter the cave. The child stopped Lord Shiva who was trying to enter the cave. This fumed Lord Shiva and he warned the child to let him in or be ready for serious consequences. The child was obeying Goddess Parvati's order and refuse to Lord Shiva's command.  


Ganas, Lord Shiva follower tried to remove the child from the entrance but was failed and defeated by a child. This made Lord Shiva very angry and he severed the head of the child with his Trident. When Goddess Parvati came out and saw his child dead, he warned Lord Shiva to get back the life of her son else she will destroy the entire creation.  


All the other Gods requested to Shiva and realized to infuse child’s life back, they will need a new head on his body. Understanding the scenario, Shiva asked Ganas to bring the head of a child whose mother is sleeping with her back facing her child. After a lot of searches, Ganas was not able to find any such human and brought the head of a baby elephant.  


As the clock was ticking, they accepted the head of a baby elephant and put that on the child's head. This made Goddess Parvati happy as her child was brought back to life. The child was then named as Ganesh and was boon to be the leader of Ganas. And that day was discernible as Ganesh Chaturthi and celebrated as the birth of Lord Ganesha. 


Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi


This is the ideal day to get rid of all your troubles and problems related to health, marriage, finance, and education. Ganesha is known as the giver of high education and wisdom. The destructor of hurdles and life-related problems. This is the most auspicious day due to the birth of Shree Ganesha. Methodical worship on this day can help you to get rid of all the sins and curses. This is a pious festival and giver of big boons.


People observe fast on this day and worship Lord Ganesha with proper procedure and acute devotion. This is a 10 days long festival. People light lamp and offer kumkum, durva grass, flowers, sweets, and chant Ganesha mantra, and Aarti is performed to invoke his blessings. 


This is a very auspicious day and we suggest you talk to astrologer and utilize this day in the best way possible. Our expert will help you to get rid of all the obstacles on this sacred day with proper Puja process. 


Ganesh Chaturthi as per Astrology


There are 32 forms of Ganesha and each has its significance. Let’s understand the one’s related to astrology.  


Bala or Young Ganesha – This is the younger form of Lord Ganesha. If you worship this idol, you will be able to fix the issues related to planet moon in your Kundli. Moon is responsible for your thought process. A malefic moon can even lead to depression. 


Vara Ganesha – Represents planet Sun. This form of the idol is also known as God of boons. If you want to shine like Sun and get your all desires fulfilled, you shall worship Vara Ganesha.


Mangal Murti Ganesha – If you are having trouble due to planet Mars/Mangal, you shall worship Mangal Murti Ganpati. This will help you get rid of Mangal Dosha and you can enjoy the benefit of Chandra-Mangal Laxmi yoga in Kundli.  


Ekdant Ganesha – As per the Hindu mythology, Mahabharat was written with the broken teeth of Lord Ganesha. This form of Ganesh idol signifies planet Mercury. If you worship Ekdant and offer druva grass, you will be blessed with Budh-Aditya yoga.


Mahodar Ganesha – This form of Ganesha has a huge stomach. If you are facing issues due to planet Jupiter, Mahodar Ganpati will be your rescue. 


Vikata Ganesha – If you are going through Sade Sati or Saturn is malefic in your birth chart, worship Vikata Ganesha idol, and all your problems related to Saturn will ease off. You can get amazing results even in your Sade Sati or Dhaya period if you worship Vikata Ganpati during your hard times. 


Dhumravarna Ganesha – You can identify this idol as four hands and snake as the rope on the stomach. If you are facing any problems related to planet Rahu this idol will relieve you from all the stress-causing due to Rahu. It will not only save you from Rahu Mahadasha but will also provide unbelievable opportunities at the same time.


Gajanan Ganesha – Life is full of mysterious events. Ketu is considered the planet of mystery. To get out of mysterious life events and setbacks, worship Gajanana Ganesha. 


We wish you happiness as long as Ganesha’s trunk, prosperity as big as his appetite, memories as sweet as modak laddus and problems as small as his mouse. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


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