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Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips


Get Success in Business by using Astrology Tips

Choosing the right career was never so grueling. You have copious choices to choose from. As the world is progressing, monetizing your revenues with opportunities is very challenging. So how to decide, job or business? Astrology has answers to all these questions under the Business Astrology basket. An expert and certified astrologer can help you decide your career avenues by reading your astrology chart in detail. Business Prediction through astrology has unbelievable potential to discover the right career choice for you.  

Understand Business Astrology

Astrology works on the birth chart. Your birth details are used to find out your Kundli that is a map of your entire life cycle. With the help of Kundli, you can figure out all the important events of your life and prepare for unfavorable ones. Likewise, astrologers can specifically draw out your business astrology chart and advise you accordingly. We have auspicious dates for every event and the same can be found for Business too. 

A professional astrologer will do a combined study of occupation and finance prediction to determine the success of an individual in business. Business Astrology can mark a good time or date to start the vocation or make your website live. It also helps in shaping the best time to market your product or structure your hierarchy. First, we prepare your birth chart and with that, we prepare your line of work chart that helps in determining the best vocation options and practices.

Business Astrology Chart

These are very interesting studies. You can do a lot of things with your business chart.

  • You need to check the zodiac sign of your business chart. Accordingly, your profession will be destined to shine. Look into the sun and moon sign both. 

  • Compare your profession chart with your birth chart. This synthesis will help you understand your personality compatibility with your vocation. 

  • Look into the planets in transits to understand how they are going to impact your occupation for the next year.

  • North node will provide insights into the essence of your work. 

  • Conjunctions of planets in your birth chart impacting your work chart. 

  • Different angles and aspects of your astrology chart. Degree of planets and their impact. 

  • Are there any Yogas in a chart that can have a significant positive impact on your profession. Like Gajakesri Yoga, Laxmi Yoga, Panchmahapursh Yoga, Rajyoga, and more.

Planets for Successful Business

It’s all about planets. Planets can impact your work positively or negatively based on their placement. Good combination and right placement can take your work to cloud 9. Each planet has multiple roles and the ones responsible for pursuit are Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus.  

Jupiter helps in work expansion. When transits in the right house it results in scale-up of your work. Saturn represents hard work. When Saturn is favorable, it tends to make an individual work harder to achieve milestones. Mercury helps with communication. Marketing activities tend to give better returns when Mercury is favorable in the chart. Mercury also favors partnerships in business. Venus helps with in the media and entertainment industry. Rahu helps with innovation and transformation.

If planets are forming good conjunction can result in the success of a your line of work. If Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are placed together, financial fortune is formed in the birth chart. Mars and Moon form Laxmi yoga which is a big positive for vocation functionality. Jupiter and Moon conjunction results in Gajkesari Yoga, another great combination for business. If the lord of the 4th or 10th house is placed in the 5th or 9th house, there are high chances of an individual to succeed in profession provided they are not impacted with any malefic planet. 

The regular transitions of the planet also need to be considered as they play a vital role in determining business success.

Houses and its role in Business

There are 12 houses in the birth chart and each house is responsible for multiple functionalities. 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house needs a deep study to understand business rationality. 1st house reflects individual personality. Stronger the personality, higher the chances to work hard, and succeed in occupation. 4th house is the house of wealth and happiness. 7th house represents daily wages and partnership income. The 10th house is assigned to the profession. How well you will do in your professional life will be determined by the lord placement and planet placement in the 10th house. All the questions related to careers are catered through the 10th house. 2nd house is the house of communication and speech. For any work, it is very critical to have good communication.  

Unfavorable situations for Business

There are few planetary combinations and houses consider unfavorable for occupation. If the 10th house is malaifed or aspect with adverse planets, there are high chances to book loss in business. If the 7th house is in bad shape, partnership in profession is not advisable. If Mercury is debilitated or placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, success in occupation can be a challenge. If everything looks good but 9th house is in bad aspect or planets placed in 9th house is less favorable, chances to monetize your business will be very exhausting. The 9th house represents fortune, and if luck is not in favor, the professional journey will be fervor.  

If you have any of these combinations, it is highly advisable to consult with the best astrologer and take the appropriate remedy for your planets before you start your new venture. 

Closing Thoughts

If you have a question, astrology has an answer. Hope you got a good idea about Business Prediction through astrology in this article. 

Want to start a new business or facing issues with the existing one or want to do the market forecast, onegodmed best astrologers are the one-stop solution for all Business Astrology questions. Talk to the astrologer now.

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