Good luck charm of "Vaastu checklist." How does it balance the equilibrium of your house?

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Good luck charm of "Vaastu checklist." How does it balance the equilibrium of your house?


Good luck charm of "Vaastu checklist." How does it balance the equilibrium of your house?

Filling one's home with positive energy is a sort of renaissance that who couldn't pine for? Also, to make that part simple, there are a lot of Vastu Shastra-supported customs and knickknacks sharpened to expel negative energies from your space and fill it with positivity and inspiration.

As you might be aware, there are five significant elements of Astrology in particular, - fire, water, air, earth, and space. And these engage a particular sort of energy the impression of which can decidedly fill your existence with an overflow of best of luck, well-being, and riches.

In any case, while we as people can do less to draw in these energies, notwithstanding, there are a few reasonable and charming things out there that have an eye for such energies. So, here is a rundown of fortunate things to keep at home according to Vastu that will fill your home with joy and bliss. So hold on tight and explore every bit of the essence of luck! By bringing a few lucky things home. 

Wall Clock

A Wall clock is one of the most important and reminding alarms to have in a home regardless of whether you want to give it a gaze. A clock signifies a regular flow of energies. A clock should preferably be put on the East, West, or North facing wall of the house in order to welcome positivity and lucky vibes home.  

According to culture, Kubera, the God of Wealth, rules over the north heading while Indra, the King of Gods, rules the East course and a clock in these directions improves their energy flow. 


Candles are mainly used for decorative purposes or in the case when the light is cut off from its main switch. It is always recommended that you should keep enlightening your area. Come on! Just for a while, imagine summer,  winter breeze, and candles. That sounds like a date with oneself, correct? What's more, now and again, it's all that you require. To accompany yourself.

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Candles, besides having ornamental value, likewise fill enlivening needs and can give medical advantages while further developing the air quality inside your home. The 

The candle’s beam is just imposing a cool effect on the eyes making the whole environment just collapse within positivity. 

Fresh flowers and plants 

Planting some of the Vastu plants for home helps to bring in luck and enhances your Karma. The Vaastu plants have been sorted after considering the Vedic benefits one can get from them by placing them in a particular corner of your home. Likewise, regardless of whether you are a nonbeliever of reality, you can in any case think about saving these plants in your space for positive vibes and to maintain a healthy indoor environment. 

The scent of blossoms is influential for the Gods and permits improving energy. It is about France - began a story that when plague spread in France, none individuals who used to work in an aroma factory line named Lang were tainted by something very similar.

While blooming plants are the most fortunate things to keep at home. Yet, on the off chance that you don't have the advantage of blooming plants, you can get some from the market and place them in your space to maintain the flow of positive energy. For instance, you can plant Basil and gooseberry in your house. 

It is considered auspicious to plant a Tulsi in the north direction of the house. Apart from this, planting gooseberry trees is also very beneficial. It helps in increasing the status and uplifting the prosperity of the family.


A dreamcatcher, only a few are aware of its foggiest idea, is basically placed and hung upside down on the bed of small children ensuring terrible dreams, and negative energies won't torment their peace of mind at all. 

According to Vaastu, dreamcatcher has that cobweb plan that permits just great dreams to go through and arrive at the youngster through the quills tucked with something very similar. So in the event that you have kids at home, you can consider investing in a dreamcatcher for Vastu benefits and keeping away all misfortunes. 

Buddha Statue 

Placing the statue of Buddha in the main part of the home brings in good vibes. It is said– “if one rubs the Laughing Buddha’s great belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity.” Spiritual Tapestry wall hangings or wall posters with Buddha prints are also a great way to decorate your home and get Buddha-inspired vibes in the room. Hence, it can be bought in pairs or even threes. 

Statue of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi

According to Vastu, the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi should be kept in the northeast direction of the house. Besides, a Deewa or lamp of ghee should be lit daily before the idol of Lord Ganesha and Maa Lakshmi ji. By doing this on a regular basis there won't ever be any shortfall of money in the house.

of money in the house. Thus, maintaining the peace across your home. 

Elephant decors 

A little elephant decoration, elephant-shaped cushion, or ceramic object brings good luck, security, wealth, and wisdom as this creature is an indication of good vibes and good luck, understanding, and reliability. You can likewise have an elephant painting or elephant embroidered artwork on your wall. Metallic wall decorations with an elephant configuration are likewise a stylish approach to adding a sensation of solidarity in place.

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Right Mirror Placement

Vastu Shastra arranges mirrors that have the ability to deteriorate and disintegrate energy. Thus, to carry on with an agreeable and quiet existence, putting mirrors in proper positions and directions is significant. Applying straightforward changes in reflect arrangement multiply treasures in your home.

Moreover, when you place a mirror in such a direction from where it reflects a beautiful view from your garden or outside, this is supposed to fill your home with impeccable positive energies, vibes, and newness.


Never keep broken glass objects in House 

On the other hand, always avoid broken glass and mirrors, or any other glass item kept within the house. Because keeping the broken glass in the house is considered very inauspicious. This can cause you financial loss and proves to be unlucky. 

According to Vastu Experts, keeping such things in the house can lead to bad consequences and mental stress too. Therefore, such things should be immediately thrown out of the house.

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Good luck charm of "Vaastu checklist." How does it balance the equilibrium of your house?

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