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Immunity and Astrology: Your Health Hides Behind Your Planets


Immunity and Astrology: Your Health Hides Behind Your Planets

Living a happy life requires a healthy body. Healthy people aren’t found in gyms or playgrounds, rather it’s about keeping your inner peace and immune intact. When there is a lot of toxic elements present in the atmosphere including smoke, pollution, noise, tensions, viruses, etc., it’s important for us to keep our immune system healthy. That way, you can withstand all these harmful elements and protect yourself. 

We all are born with different positives and negative qualities in terms of our body build. If a student is good at academics, he or she might not be good at sports. Similarly, the immune system is a vital component that may differ from person to person; some may have a strong one, others may not. As per Astrology, each and every planet signifies a particular part of our body. If the planet is placed at a weeker position, you’ll suffer from the related disease. However, Astrology has a remedy for all such misaligned planets and they have been so effective that people suffering from serious illnesses like cancer also get recovered with much hustle. 

Let’s know a bit more about the body areas & probable diseases and their significant planet. This will let you relate to the diseases that people in your surroundings might be suffering from. 

SUN: Planet Sun provides you a good build and signifies blood, bones, spine, and eyesight. 

MOON: Planet Moon is a cold planet and hence, it governs “Vata” i.e. air and space, and “Kapha” i.e. water and earth. It keeps our body fluid level in check and governs blood quality, tonsils, chest & breast, face, lymph, and glands.

MARS: Planet Mars governs dry and “Pitta” i.e. fire and water in the human body. It rules the head, bile, bone-marrow, intestine, neck, muscular system, etc. of the human body.

MERCURY: This planet governs Vata, Pitta, and Kapha altogether and produces related diseases if it is placed in a weaker position.

JUPITER: Jupiter is the significator of mild, warm and composed nature. It governs gall bladder, absorptive power, digestion, pancreas, hips, and glands.

VENUS: Venus signifies “Vata” and “Pitta” in the human body as it’s a warm and moist planet. It eyes the cheeks, chin neck, urinary bladder, and reproductive organs.

SATURN: Saturn administers cold, dry, and Vata, and holds the command of the nervous system, joints, calves, teeth, skin, knees, and bones.

RAHU: Planet Rahu is the significator of “Vata” and “Kapha”, and may disturb your nervous system, blood pressure, allergies, ulcers, mental stability, etc if placed wrongly.

KETU: Ketu holds the neck of “Pitta” and may blow out its temper in the forms of hearing issues, blood pressure, skin diseases, speech problem, etc.

The human body gets its properties from significant planets and our immune system will remain alright only if the birth chart has all the planets placed in the right position. If you are also facing any health issues, you should consult a medical astrologer or health astrology, expert

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