Know the Personality traits, characteristics, and temperament of “Taurus”

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Know the Personality traits, characteristics, and temperament of “Taurus”


Know the Personality traits, characteristics, and temperament of “Taurus”

Taurus (April 20 —- May 20)

Lucky Number for Taurus natives: 1 & 9

Lucky color for Taurus  people: Pale green and blue, all pastel shades

Auspicious day for Taurus  natives: Friday 

Auspicious Gemstone for Taurus Natives: Emerald

There is a difference of opinion among Astrologers regarding the character and nature of the people of Taurus. Some consider them to be rude and aggressive and some to enjoy the fun of life. On the other hand, in the opinion of some, this happens only when the people of this zodiac are encouraged in any way.

People of the Taurus zodiac are often seen to be innocent, the basic reason for this is to be peace-loving. Their inaction is not a sign of disinterest. When they see that the problem is not being solved, then they become so dynamic that they keep looking for the solution. People of this zodiac are endowed with extraordinary speech ability or musical power.

They can impress and attract hundreds of people with their voice, as well as they are also capable of entertaining a huge crowd. The subject on which Taurus focuses his mind, he wants to achieve with all his might. He takes pleasure in bargaining. People consider them stubborn. In reality, as hard as they appear from the outside, they remain soft from the inside. Since Taurus is related to the earth element, stability is dear. 

This zodiac sign is artistic, determined, devoted, sympathetic, kind in nature, as well as change-loving. Taurus people are smart and do not let anyone get a clue about their ideology and plans. They keep secret things and have been seen to be loving and determined. At the point when they take part in any work, they essentially stop only once they are done. 

Soon they get possessed by emotions. They are never dependent on divinity or theism. They are enchanted by things that are beautiful to the eye. Gives special importance to effort and hard work. Always angry with a person of false or arrogant nature or a person who is doing rude things. This is the only reason behind their wild resentment.

They do not tolerate humiliation. The predictions of a person with the Taurus zodiac are very firm. They are good at calculations, are accurate and truthfulness is a great factor in them. They cannot be fooled easily. They never cheat in their work. People of this zodiac get more success in life and there are fewer opportunities to be ashamed.

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People of this zodiac do their work quickly. Where others are afraid to go, they themselves take the initiative and on the strength of their own ability, and accept the challenges of crisis, defeat them. These people are also of some materialistic nature mostly in the early stage of their life. It is difficult to satisfy them.

They possess a heart as serious as the sea. The character of a Taurus man cannot be judged accurately. One can know something about them only by staying in very close contact. One can never fully understand them.

These are the worst personality traits of Taurus

We as a whole have qualities and shortcomings, so likewise we too have negative attributes on the other hand that are subtle and unexplained. So the natives of Taurus when it comes to their shortcomings are— 

They are too lazy to be consistent about their goals and are very stubborn by nature, they are jealous and this holds them back. Natives with this earth sign are very imbalanced about numerous things and their over-possessiveness can ruin their relationships. Being too rebellious brings disharmony to their life.  

Which signs are compatible with this sensual Earth sign?

Taurus is an incredibly cautious sun sign. They search for a lot of things from a relationship, be it genuine or impartial. You can't expect a Taurus sun sign to put their heart on a plate and offer it to you immediately. Taking into account how Taurus facilitates with your sign as a friend, buddy, a darling, and a partner or in regards to another one-on-one relationship? Here are their closest partners and contemplated adversaries: 

A Taurus blossoms with dependability, solidness, responsibility, and closeness in a relationship. Consequently, they just get along the best with a couple of sun signs. So the zodiac signs that are generally more compatible with Taurus are Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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