Characteristics, temperament, and personality traits of “Cancer”

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Characteristics, temperament, and personality traits of “Cancer”


Characteristics, temperament, and personality traits of “Cancer”

Cancer (June 21— July 22)

Lucky Number for cancer natives: 2, 7 and 9

Lucky colors for cancer natives: White, cream, red and yellow 

Auspicious day for cancer natives: Sunday and Monday

Auspicious Gemstone for cancer natives: Ruby, the deep red stone    

Various sorts of qualities are found in people of all zodiac signs. While certain folks of the zodiac are annoying in nature, few are very cheerful naturally. Actually, the characteristics of all zodiac signs are determined and estimated by their planetary lord and the cycles of the zodiac. 

As per astrology, changes are found in all the zodiac signs because of specific reasons and their temperament is likewise not the same as others. Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer.

It symbolizes the crab. Cancerians are among the most troublesome and inconvenient zodiacs to comprehend. They often show a stony, fragile, even impenetrable facade to the world, and could look eliminated, cold, and limited very much like the crab that represents Cancer's capacity to existing in both emotional as well as material realms.

Cancerians' temperament

In general, people born under this sign love their homes, their roots, and their nest. Cancer is viewed as one of the most friendly and sympathetic symbolic representations of the whole zodiac. They are sensitive and emotional and are very happy with the comfort of their own home and family. And when it is peaceful on the domestic front, they perform at their best. Being so emotional they are able to express and understand others’ emotions well. 

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Crabs native, sustained by their fundamental nature, have a profound maternal sense and are loaded with inborn and regular insight. They want large families, which provide protection for others as well. Wherever they go, they build a shelter.

Cancerians' Hobbies 

They find it interesting to travel, but they do not like to go far and far away from home because for this they have to go away from home. They become blissful solely after having an excursion or in the recreation area. They love their family and its tradition very much. Participate in social activities and are artistic and creative. These folks are great patriots, you can see them proudly hoisting the national flag.

Shortcomings of  “Cancerian Natives” 

Cancer people, however, can be very possessive and highly sensitive. They are especially autonomous and fragile people and that makes them hard to grasp. They can hide their feelings very well. They are caring and cordial as long as they are in a good and jolly mood. They do not enjoy a superficial conversations. They can be very ill-humored, timid, and at times childlike. But this shyness or apprehension is actually their own defense mechanism that protects them from heartache and emotional disturbance.

When they are hurt unnecessarily, their behavior becomes bitter and sad. They sometimes become insensitive, harsh, rude, and short-tempered towards others, but only their sensitive partner can notice that their insecurities are hidden behind this misbehavior. They are splendid, kind, liberal, understanding, and benevolent if all is well around them.

Education and Love relationships of crabs 

They possess deep intelligence. And they make a name for themselves in the arts, sales, media, and performing arts. Since Cancerians love to care and nurture. They are philosophical, protective, and in some cases, sensational in nature. They are persisting and cranky simultaneously. The best professions and careers that suit Cancerians the most are social work, teaching, HR, nursing, counseling, therapists, and so on.

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Money and material gains are very important to them and although they are stingy in spending their earned money, they can easily spend the money suddenly received. 

Usually, Cancers attract friends and lovers through their loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth. They like to romance with their opposite nature and get along with strong and successful people. Their love life is very good. These people like seriousness in love affairs. They usually get a partner of their choice. 

Because of their shy nature, they are unable to express their love feelings and adoration. But are devoted to their relationship wholeheartedly, yes you will find them smart enough and experts in knowing the psyche of others.

Crabs compatibility

Cancerians do not accept any love proposal so easily. Their Zodiac compatibility is found to be good with the people of Gemini and Scorpio and therefore, you should consider giving priority to these zodiac signs for love or marriage

Hence, Cancerians need appreciation to truly win in their positions and may wilt in a climate where they have to deal with bluntness and confrontations on a regular basis.

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