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Ram Mandir Muharat with Astrology Lens.


Ram Mandir Muharat with Astrology Lens.

Jai Shree Ram!

500 years of wait, at last, came to an end on 5th August 2020. The remarkable and historic moment of Ram Temple construction finally came. The construction is planned to be completed by 2024 and with this millions of Ram followers dream will come true to see Ram Mandir at the birthplace of Lord Rama. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Ram Mandir in Ayodhya by placing the foundation stone of silver brick weighing around 40 KG.

PM Modi as per the custom visited Hanuman Grahi Mandir before reaching Ram Mandir. Hanuman Grahi is one of the oldest and the most popular temples in North India. As per the Hindu mythology, when Bhagwan Ram returned to Ayodhya, Hanumanji chooses this place to live. And after his stay, this placed was named Hanuman Kot. 

Judgment of Planets

Astrology is such a beautiful and in-depth study for any stream. It just not has answers to your concerns but also about the nation and the world. It is scientific mathematics that has answers to everything present in this world. As per the planetary positions and placements, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn was the moment for Ram Mandir to get all the disputes resolved and setup the stepping stone of the foundation. This conjunction of planets in-universe was formed after April 2020 and as we all know on 5th August was finalized and Prime Minister Modi inaugurated Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. 

Why 5ht August

As per our understanding, this event was one of the most anticipating and happening events in the history of India. Hence the date has to be the most auspicious one. There are few days which are considered as the most sacred days of the year like Vijay Dashmi, Basant Panchmi, Akshay Tritiya, and more. These are considered as the most sacred days due to the planetary position in the universe. From the Vedic Astrology prospect, 5th August was not one of the best dates for the inauguration or putting the stepping stone for Ram Mandir. 

We had good muharat dates in July and October but August month was never considered to be the month of auspicious activities. We Indians usually avoid the lunar month of Bhadrapada. Even the Nakshatra on 5th August was not an ideal one for the muharat. Any construction-related work shall be initiated in the lunar month of Phalguna and Pausa. 

Astrological Significance

PM Modi zodiac sign is Scorpio. Moon in Scorpio is debilitated. The moon sign of Lord Ram is cancer, and the moon will be in the 8th house from cancer which is also adverse. Moon should not be in the 4, 8, or 12 house of the native or the individual participating in the muharat. This calculation predicts bad health for high profilers and can also lead to natural calamities for our country. However, it will be a very good sign for Ayodhya. Venus will be in Libra which will result in Ayodhaya becoming the new most popular religious tourist center of the world.  

In nutshell, the nation ultimately will see Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and we believe that 5th August was selected based on Numerology rather than Vedic Astrology. If you have any questions or facing challenging times in your professional or personal life, reach out to onegodmed.com and we will be available with the best industry astrologers to help you with all your problems. Our solutions are very simple and easily doable.  

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