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Right Time For Investment Using Financial Astrology


Right Time For Investment Using Financial Astrology

Financial astrology or Astro-economics is a unique practice. This astrological method relies on the movements and positions of heavenly objects. The astrologer carries out deep analysis and makes predictions on money matters. He also advises you when to invest in a business or stock market.

Astrologers rely on planets, sun, moon, and the fixed stars. They also use variables like planetary aspects, constellations, and house systems. In money astrology, for example, Jupiter and Venus are considered as the rulers of prosperity. They are also known as wealth indicators or karakas.

For the stock market and financial investments, different strategies are executed. The wealth prospects are calculated based on the horoscope's house system. The 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses are analyzed for predictions. The triangle formed by 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses is also vital. 

Financial Astrology

Astrologers also study the role of moon and Mercury in modern business. The benevolence of Jupiter and the moon's sun aspect indicate financial prosperity. But wealth in astrology is not just about positive indicators only. Malefic planets and houses can also lead to financial losses at times.

So, the astrologers look at planetary positions or dashas in depth. For stock prices, they require the first trade data to draw a meaningful horoscope. The chart is analyzed in conjunction with current planetary alignments. Jupiter's moon aspect and the 2nd house or 2nd lord indicate wealth status.

The 8th house and its beneficial position are crucial for share markets. While a 90-degree square or bad aspect of malefic Saturn can bring down share prices. In financial astrology, there are no hard and fast rules. For example, a beneficial Venus brings bad luck if it is close to shadow planet Ketu.

So, The experts prepare models incorporating positive, negative, and neutral indicators. They take a holistic approach and even prepare a stock exchange's natal chart. The look at favorable patterns and also check the absence of negative indicators.  Only then do they predict a bullish stock market so that you can invest at the right time.

Investment Opportunities

1. To create or accumulate wealth, you need to be a fighter. The above-mentioned triangular formation is used to assess the person's character. 
2. Each of the houses is associated with a specific aspect of material or fiscal prosperity. The 6th and 10th houses indicate an optimistic personality and success in society. 
3. The 11th house pertains to financial gains and income or earnings. The ascendant planets are also crucial in financial investments as they relate to luck.
4. A favorable 7th house lord in the ascendant augurs well. This ruler in the 2nd or 11th houses is also conducive to investments.
5. Saturn is a very powerful albeit maleficent planet in the heavens. It is analyzed in conjunction with Venus and Moon to ensure stock market success. 

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