Shine Your Career with Predictive Astrology

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Shine Your Career with Predictive Astrology


Shine Your Career with Predictive Astrology

The world is going through a global pandemic and this does not seem to cool off shortly. 2020 has been a year of Rahu, placed in the Gemini sign worsens the pandemic scenario. Jobs and Businesses are hit the big time and people are finding it challenging to cope up with the current meltdown. At this time of crisis, astrology can be your rescuer with career prediction

You might think wait, what!! You got to be kidding me! But we are not. There are a lot of famous personalities that have chosen their career based on astrology prediction and have no regrets. Astrology is not a science still 30% believe truly believes in astrology including career guidance. It's an applied methodology that has 5000-year-old existence and has helped uncountable individuals time and again. 

Let’s Begin

Astrology is predicted based on the birth chart also known as Kundli. Kundli is prepared with the help of three important details. 1) Date of Birth 2) Time of Birth and 3) Place of Birth. With these details, the astrologer finds out your birth chart and predict your future. Prediction accuracy depends upon the accuracy of these details. One has to be careful and shall provide the exact or most relevant details for correct prediction.  

Once your chart is prepared, we can find out your zodiac sign, planets placements, conjunctions, Dasha, and Mahadasha to unravel your personality, interests, weakness, and complete fortune. You can find all answers related to relationships, finances, health, job, business, and whatnot. In this article, we are going to discuss career astrology.

Career and life partners are the two most important decisions one has to take in life. You need to decide your career at a very young age, it starts right at the time you select your subjects for studies. Most of the individual decide upon their career under parental guidance/pressure or peer pressure. While in the long run, that career might not be the right fit for you. You might earn from decent to well, however, there may not be the job satisfaction. 

Your personality and professional growth will reach every possible pinnacle if you land up in a profession of your choice. Hence it is always advisable to choose the career of your interest. Otherwise, it would be a routine 9 to 9 job life with salary getting credited on every 30th. No motivation no zeal to learn and grow. We have witnessed a lot of professionals quitting jobs or businesses at the peak of their careers due to a lack of interest. Don’t do that to yourself.

No Cakewalk 

If you guess reading your horoscope and suggesting the right career path is a cakewalk, it is certainly not. Ample of calculations go into the background before we guide you with the best career pick. Our expert astrologer will look into your Sun and Moon signs before making any calculations. This would need an in-depth study of the second house, sixth house, tenth house, and eleventh house and their combined effects to suggest you a fulfilling career. 

You are a good business fit or a private employee or does your star favor government job, all these minute studies and thorough Kundli analysis is completed before we suggest you the best career option.

Already Stuck in a Career 

If you are a working professional, running your own company, or working with one and not happy with current accomplishments, don’t worry. Our certified astrologers would help you fix career issues by suggesting simple and doable remedies and help you to reach your deserving place. The 10th house is the house of profession. Make your 10th house and its lord powerful and strong to achieve desired results in your career.

Additional Tip – If you are a working professional, make sure to strengthen and take the blessing of planet Saturn. Saturn blessings can change your bumpy professional ride to a stable and secure one. If you own a business, start worshiping planet Mercury and Lord Ganesha. 

Do you want to pursue a career that is well paid and fulfilling at the same time? Talk to an astrologer now and receive the best guidance for your career. You can also consult us for ongoing problems in your job or business or anything else. We are a team of certified and renowned astrologers pan India and have one of the highest customer repeat ratios across the industry.  

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