Significance of Astrologically designed Nakshatra Udyan/Astral Garden

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Significance of Astrologically designed Nakshatra Udyan/Astral Garden


Significance of Astrologically designed Nakshatra Udyan/Astral Garden

Astrology is a traditional science that studies the influence of celestial objects on human life where Herbs and Horoscopes have played important roles in ancient human life.

In Vedic Astrology, it is believed that the position of stars and planets at the time of birth of a person influences life events. These grahas (planets) are celestial bodies that move in a direction from west to east in a circular path. And this circular path is divided at a 30° angle to form rashis (Zodiac Signs) which are further divided at a 13° 20´ angle to form a nakshatra (constellation). 

What is Nakshatra? 

It is considered a mythical figure which is formed by a group of stars in the sky. The total number of nakshatra is 28 but only 27 Nakshatras are considered for calculation. The calculations of constellations are related to the path of the moon. In Hinduism, Nakshatras are of huge importance because all auspicious work is done only after knowing the position of the constellation (Nakshatras) in the birth chart. 

There are nine grahas, 12 rashis (Zodiac signs), and 27 nakshatras. Each of these grahas/ rashis/ nakshatras is assigned to a deity, tree, animal, and bird. So, every individual is marked by his specific Nakshatra tree, one should plant and take care of that particular tree especially when you spend time in the Astral garden or Nakshatra Udyan in order to diminish all bad influences and bring about peace, good fortune, hence, pleasing the ruling deity.  Isn't that interesting?

Nakshatra Vatika or Astral garden refers to a unique developed park or garden that depicts various aspects of Astrology and is highly meant to provide a positive environment to the visitors. This theme is very popular and unique in Indian culture, the more you visit the Astral garden the more you fall in love with its beauty, peaceful and positive environment that splits the essence of spiritual solace, mental peace, and positivity all around. 

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Most of the plants associated with Navagrahas/Rashis/Nakshatras are rare and medicinally important species found in the wild. They are a potent source of antioxidants. They release more oxygen compared to other species and that’s how they refresh and sprinkle positive vibes on a person standing near to it. For example, our ancestors planted these many plants and trees together in sacred places in astrological design to form ‘vatikas’ or ‘vans’ such as navagraha Vatika (celestial garden), Rashi Vatika, and nakshatra Vatika (astral garden).


Representation of Nakshatra Vatika plants per Graha (planet) 

So, here is a list of your astral plants as per your Nakshatra, which basically represents the position of the moon in your birth chart at the time of your birth.  

  • The planet Surya (Sun) represents Rui (Milkweed) 

  • Chandra (Moon) represents Palash (Flame of forest)

  • Budha (Mercury) represents Apamarg (Prickly chaff flower) 

  • Shukra (Venus) represents Umbar (Cluster fig) 

  • Mangal (Mars) represents Khair (Cutch tree) 

  • Brihaspati/ Guru (Jupiter) represents Peepal (Sacred fig) 

  • Shani (Saturn) represents Shami (Spunge tree) 

  • Rahu (Dragon’s head) represents Durva (Bermuda grass) 

  • Ketu (Dragon’s tail) represents Darbha (Halfa grass)

Speciality and benefits of Nakshatra Vatika 

Notably, in Nakshatra Vatika, most of the varieties of plants and trees that are found— are rare medicinal herb species, which emphasizes our ancestors’ fore vision of conservation in order to share their medicinal uses with the preceding generation. The special characteristics of these tree species are---- rich in secondary metabolites such as antioxidants, alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, terpenes, and tannins that are widely used in traditional treatment systems. Something which is more fascinating and also a proven fact is that these plant species release more oxygen compared to other species and hence sitting near these trees generates positive energy. 

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The scientific significance of Astral garden 

These plants had great significance in human life since time immemorial. When talking about the phytochemistry and pharmacological significance of these species have been proven by scientific research in modern science. The therapeutic, industrial, and cosmetic relevance of these trees is being exploited in various parts of the world. Conservation of these species in navagraha/ Rashi/ nakshatra vatikas established in urban spaces can refresh the minds of city dwellers by ensuring greenery and enriching biodiversity.

Thus, there are many notable “Nakshatra Udyans” planned and developed in various parts of India. For example Silvassa, Ranchi, Pune & Mumbai. Hence you must visit these places or you can think of planning a summer tour. For sure it will make you feel the significance and essence of spirituality and positivity, that is lacking in today's hotchpotch schedules and busy outlets!

So when coming to a short conclusion it is found that the navagraha/Rashi/Nakshatra Vatika are astrologically designed gardens majorly established near sacred places with associated plant species. Previously such gardens were established for the purpose to worship and please the deity for good health and fortune. All these associated tree species carry some or the more medicinal properties and are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. When comparing it with that of today's era such gardens are made in parks, public places, and schools with a view to conserve these plant species ex-situ and strengthen the traditional knowledge about their importance and the best way to conserve biodiversity.

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