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Solar Eclipse 2020 Effects On Business And Profession.


Solar Eclipse 2020 Effects On Business And Profession.

The second wave of eclipse Ascension energy in 2020 is here. With a powerful eclipse in January and one in June now we're going to be having two more in June and July. And so eclipse says, signify change and transformation. The eclipse gateway offers a profound period. For reset and in this case, to level up your embodiment and receive profound new downloads and levels of embodying your highest divine light. 

Effect of the solar eclipse in this Corona time and the countries can see the solar eclipse which is falling on 21st June this year. So if we want to understand the planets and the effect of this eclipse, then we need to understand from its starting time. According to the Kaal Purush Kundli, this eclipse is starting at 9.15 am and in Mithun (Gemini) sign and the ascendant at that time is Kark (Cancer). The time of the eclipse is from 09.15 am till 03.04 pm and the countries are Southeast Europe, Northern parts of Australia, New Guinea, Fiji, and in most of the African countries.

Solar Eclipse 2020 Astrology

When the ascendant is Cancer it tells or indicates to the 12th house in the Kundli of Kaal Chakra. 12th house is the house of loss, jail, punishment, to be caged, the loss in every kind. It indicates that if we set our self free, or we can say that there is an indication of imprisonment in the Kundli of Kaal Purush and if the world violates this, we all have to go through pain and loss, why this loss, because of Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Rahu. 

Sun, is energy, Moon is ideas, opinion, Rahu is like a wound and mercury is a planet of the mind, intelligence and Mars is looking at this house and all these planets were in Mrigkshira constellation whose lord is Mars. So the two planets which are seen powerful this time are Mars and Rahu When these two planets Rahu and Mars come into power then explosions could be seen, terrorist activities would increase because the 12th house is also a house of terrorist activities, countryside borders, neighboring countries.

Conspiracies between the nations will be seen during this period. Not just India but also other countries with adjoining borders. Everyone wants to establish them at the No.1 position by hook or by crook This result could be seen due to this eclipse like a terrorist activist or kind of cold war and also the death of a leader or Actor. At this time when the eclipse is taking place at this time on 21st June, there is Shadashtak (combination of sixth and eight houses) dosh between Saturn and Rahu. 

Rahu is sitting in Gemini and Sun, Moon, and Mercury join him there. Now all of the planet with this defect and moreover, 6 planets are also retrograde at that time, Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde and four other planets are also getting retrograde and the big planets Saturn and Jupiter are also getting retrograde, a situation of confusion could be seen, where no one will be able to understand other’s viewpoint and always looks dubious.  Disease, which is affecting the world currently, will increase massively. 

We should do sacrifices as 12th house is a house of sacrifice, all the other things related to 12th house is negative but only one thing is positive and that is sacrifice, renunciation and if we follow the rules of this sacrificing or not violating lockdown, we will definitely come out of this safely otherwise the problems will be high all around the world.

This solar eclipse is forming one of the most unfavorable conjunctions in the history of Astrology. It may impact our thinking, soul, mind negatively all get infected; Shadashtak dosh (sixth and eight house combination) is like a cherry on the top. Our minds will become so distracted that we can go in depression take wrong decisions and do wrong things. 

Impact on Profession or Business Horoscope

Solar Eclipse would definitely impact your profession and business. During this celestial event, it is highly recommended to get your horoscope screened with the best astrologer. It will help you to understand the planets placed in your horoscope following solar eclipse and its impact and affects your business and profession. 

New Beginning – If you have plans to initiate a new business or a job, we would suggest you hold on for the next month, July 31st. Planets aspecting and in conjunction are now showing a favorable sign for a new beginning.  

Deciding Big Projects – If you are working on any big assignment it’s time to finish it off. This eclipse is going to help you close your pending or work in progress projects and get ready to see things through.

Partnership or Co-worker Divergence – It would be a difficult time to deal with a partnership or with a co-worker in your office or business. Your work will lot become dependent of them impacting your work style and performance. 

Relationship impacting Business – Your job or career may be affected adversely due to domestic disputes. Your personal relationship conflicts will impact your business unfavorably and would suggest keeping a check on the same.

Lose Job – Already we are struggling with our job and business due to the corona virus pandemic. And Solar Eclipse will add fuel to it. Due to retrograde effects of 6 planets together, a lot of negativity will flow in the air impacting one's mental stability and thought process. One might quit the job due to dissatisfaction or because of the cartel incorporate.  

Switching Job or Business – If you have plans to switch jobs or business and waiting due to an economic crisis, you need to wait a little longer to see that to Solar Eclipse affects. This is not at all an ideal time to switch your profession. You might end up losing a new job and will never able to get the old one back as well. 

Why Onegodmed this Solar Eclipse 

This eclipse is going to turn out to be very undesirable and will impact individuals personally, professionally, and socially. Eclipse is capable to break a horoscope pattern and shift dynamics. You can reach out to us for systematic guidance and we ensure you to minimize the bad effects of this eclipse on you. We can help you set short and long term goals with effective solutions. 

Nothing is more exciting in this pandemic and eclipse time than talking to astrologer over the phone in 60 seconds. Turn to our certified astrologer and get your personalized solution now. 

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