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Tips On How An Expert Vedic Astrologer Reads Your Future


Tips On How An Expert Vedic Astrologer Reads Your Future

Tips On How An Expert Vedic Astrologer Reads Your Future

A professional astrologer is efficient in reading your horoscope. He bases his predictions on your birth date and time. Everything is worked out accurately by astrologers, only if the client has provided the most accurate set of information.

Professional Vedic astrologers from Onegodmed can predict your future based on the set of information provided by you from your birth charts.

·         In the information provided by clients is not accurate, then predictions made as per those calculations may not be accurate.

·         A small change in your birth date or time will result in a major change in the predictions.

·         In most cases, accurate life prediction by date of birth free made by experts will be based on simple calculations made as per details provided by you.

So, how do expert Vedic astrologers work out predictions so accurately? Professionals depend on the planetary and star positions in your birth charts, before making any predictions.

Checking with the power of planets

Expert astrologers who provide horoscope prediction by date of birth will usually check the strength of the planets and ascendant degrees in your birth charts. These are usually categorized between 0 and 29 in numbers.

Based on these numbers they will study the effect of each planet and star in your birth charts. This helps them predict your character and future.

The strength of the Moon

Another major point Vedic astrologers consider is the strength of the Moon in your Kundali. This refers to the phase of the moon during your birth time. To be more accurate, experts also study the Sun’s position and its effect on the Moon.

The strength of the Sun

Professional Vedic astrologers study the position of the Sun more accurately to predict your horoscope. When searching for accurate life prediction by date of birth free you will discover how Sun’s position affects and changes your birth charts.

The entire cycle is divided into seven houses and the position of the Sun will have a different effect in each case. The first three houses will have a major effect while the last three houses will have the least effect on your horoscope. The professional astrologer who offers horoscope prediction by date of birth will usually consider this factor as per your birth charts.



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