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Vastu Checkup of your Home and Office


Vastu Checkup of your Home and Office

What is Vastu? Is this a Science? Or it is just a belief? 

Vastu is science for Home building and Directions. In the word Vastu - 'VAS' means 'A Place to Live' and 'TU' means 'The Creator / God'. So VASTU means 'A Place Where God Can Live'. Nature has imbibed every living being with guidelines for Home building. Even today, every bird, animal, creature, even a small ant, builds its house according to these guidelines for them. Keeping in mind such guidelines of nature our saints have created a Science/Shastra, which is known as Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a science/guideline of Home building. These directions can certainly confer us with a happy and prosperous life. But as time passed, we neglected/changed these guidelines according to our needs and requirements. Today its effect is seen on our health and lifestyle.

Vastu is not a new-age technique. It was followed by not only our ancestors but the spellbound structure of temples and forts that are still unaffected are the best example of solid architecture and Vastu. When we construct a house or an office or even buy a build-up house, we tend to look into every minute detail. However, we often overlook to imply Vastu guidelines. That impacts our lives negatively for a very long run. Vastu Shastra works on cosmic energy. All humans and other living beings are made up of energy. With the help you Vastu, we channelize this energy and orchestrate home and office energy with individuals to get the best positive outcome. Any imbalance in this energy due to Vastu defects results in hardship. 

Onegodmed aims to give you a step by step knowledge of Vastu Shastra in a manner which is very easy to understand. Vastu Shastra for home and Vastu tips for office would bring positive energy to you place resulting in creating a blissful surrounding.  Our Experts have been researching in depth about untouched Vastu pointers for many Years.. We have come up with life-changing Vastu techniques with divine powers.

Bring Positivity with Vastu Shastra at Home and Office

Vastu is an ancient Vedic science promoting pleasurable living. Vastu consultation for home would bring peace and prosperity to your life. It helps you by protecting ill effects and unforeseen circumstances of life. It has been observed that a Vastu planned home is bound to enhance living standards by improving health, wealth, and happiness.

Vastu Shastra can up bring your life in the following ways

  • Monetary Benefits – Financial security is something everyone wants to achieve. With the application of correct Vastu methodology, your home and office can be blessed with an abundance of wealth and money. Let us help you to unlock windfall gains with the proper application of Vastu Shastra at your home and office.  

  • Brings Prosperity – Let it be your home or your office, you need peace everywhere you spend time. Of late if you are feeling little off in your home and not able to concentrate at your workplace, high time to get a Vastu check. Your home and office need an immediate Vastu to check up. 

  • Enhance Your Relationship – Vastu would help you to intensify your bond with your family members and relatives. If you are seeing your relationship fading away, Vastu can be a concrete solution. It acts like an unbiased factor against every negative element causing your relationship brittle. 

  • Grow Your Venture – In today’s time achieving anything fruitful in life is nothing less than a challenge. You will see a lot of barricades stopping you to reach your target.  If you own an office or work for someone, Vastu tips can help you to overcome all such hurdles. Let it be with the new job, or a project or a new work engagement, Vastu enable to experience a series of golden opportunities that your life offers you. 

  • Synchronizing Nature's Liveliness – Vastu can bring positivity in your life by harmonizing nature's powerful energies coming from Sun, Moon, Earth, Wind, Light, and Cosmic Energy. If your house if harmonized by these energies, rest assure with growth and perpetual prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Home and Office

With the help of Vastu products and tips, you can certainly create a positive environment in your House and Office. Listing few below for your help:

  • Horseshoe keeps away the evil spirit.

  • If you are facing job issues, keep a greenstone jumping frog to invite job opportunities.

  • Temple in your house should be built in the North-East direction.

  • Eating on bed and bedroom can invite health issues.

  • Money Plant can bring wealth and prosperity.

  • Keeping a mirror along with money can multiply your savings.

  • Keep feeding birds and keep a permanent bird feeder at your home and office.

  • The bathroom should be facing east or northwest direction.

  • Wind Chimes invite peace and positivity. 

Kindly note that the above-mentioned tips are in general and applicable to everyone. We would advise you with personalized Vastu tips and products that could bring the best result as per your needs. It is very important to choose the right Vastu expert as many fake professionals in the market just want to make money by threatening you than providing the right help with Vastu related needs.  

Our Services:

We have a team of Vastu Experts who are going to help you by providing the right directions and effective layout for – constructing homes, apartments, buildings, hospitals, schools, cinema halls, restaurants, hotels, and more. Applying Vastu will allude special power in the universe resulting in a pleasant place to live work and grow. We would help you right from the beginning with the below services: 

  • Vastu Tip for Buying Plot

  • Vastu Tip for Constructing Home

  • Vastu for Residence

  • Vastu for Commercial

  • Vastu For Renovation

  • Vastu for Kitchen

  • Vastu Colors

  • Vastu Interior

  • Removal of Vastu Dosh 

  • Place Purification with tested remedies

Why Onegodmed as your Vastu Consultant

Vastu is now an integral part of everyone’s life. It is always not necessary to hire a Vastu consultant at the time of construction. You can refer to our Vastu services at the time of designing an interior for your home or office.  If you are planning for any renovation or any change Vastu services can pitch in for the best results.

Even if you don’t have an exact floor plan, our expert can help you with a rough plan you share of room, kitchen, bathroom, lift, and bed, etc placement markings. If you have already built your home and office, and need Vastu guidance, do not worry, we would provide you remedies without any kind of demolition of your property. 

Constructing or designing an office or home takes a lot of money and effort. By investing a fraction of this investment in Vastu can multiply your peace and prosperity.  Today the entire world is shifting online. We can help you with all Vastu related queries and provide accurate and experienced solutions just over the phone call. With our immense expertise in Vastu, we are known in the industry for providing accurate personalized solutions. If you want an online horoscope analyzed then "you can check talk to Astrologer."

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