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Vedas : Your Spiritual Guide


Vedas : Your Spiritual Guide


The Vedas are the quintessence of the classical concept of Indian philosophy. The core foundation of belief is that Veda contains a source of knowledge including physical or metaphysical. Being the sacred scriptures of mankind, Vedas were composed thousands of years ago by several seers. To attain the focus and peace in human life, many people have suggested the sheer and holy path of Veda!

Before heading to acquire the information on the relevance of Veda in human life, it is important to know the significance of Veda, the meaning of the Veda and where it stands in human culture. Continue reading:

The Ongoing Circle of Veda

The sheer meaning of word Veda is knowledge and according to the tradition, the Vedas were composed of several seers under inspiration. The majority of facts say that the Vedas were first composed around 1500-1000 BCE in the north-western region of the Indian subcontinent, present-day Pakistan and northwest India. In general, Vedas were transmitted orally over many generations before eventually being written.

Veda is believed to be holy, received and free from distortion ever since they were composed. The Vedic texts are large and have thousands of hymns out of which, every hymn is long and contains numerous verses. As known, a peaceful phase means leading a balanced life and aspirations of achieving four chief goals of human life, namely religious obligation, earning wealth, seeking pleasure, and attaining liberation. Veda lets you know all four objectives by giving precise information on each objective.

Aspects of Veda

There are four Vedas that exist but originally they were only three which are being called as triple Vedas (vedatraya). Although, the four Vedas in the order of their composition are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda. According to some scholars, Ramayana and Mahabharata should also be included in Vedas but the common definition of Veda does not include them.

Each Veda is categorized into four parts, namely the Samhitas, the Brahmanas, the Aranyakas, and the Upanishads. However, Aranyakas and Upanishad belong to the later Vedic period and Samhitas were the earliest composition followed by Brahmanas.

Vedas: the trusted guide of your well-being!

As we have mentioned above the four goals of human life, Vedas is the holiest form of effort, which lets people realize those four goals of human life. To enter in the world of spirituality and to attain eternal peace, the Vedas can be the only guiding the light which pours light on each step and phase of life.

To attain the last step of human goal, that is, Moksha or attaining liberation, it is essential to know the significance of human life. Veda teaches the power of understanding of the objectives and with its holy approach, the human can achieve the perfect bliss in order to attain the phase of Moksha. Veda with its fine hold of value educates the worth of human life and paves the way for attaining the final objective of human life that is, attaining liberation.

To Conclude…..

Transcendental truths can be grasped only by transcendental knowledge and the Veda has the hold of such knowledge. Vedas provide you with a glimpse of the inner workings of the universe and will let you know why and how your world exists. It can be human’s best guide as it is knowledgeable Spiritual literature that educates about the objectives of life. 

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