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Visiting Ganga Ghat: Perform these Astrological and Spiritual Activities


Visiting Ganga Ghat: Perform these Astrological and Spiritual Activities

A few days back, the South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes visited India and took a holy dip in the river Ganga. He enjoyed his trip to Rishikesh and posted one of his photos on social media as well. Responding to the same, other players of the cricket industry praised him and asked to let them join as well with him during his next visit.

Jonty Rhodes found the holy Ganga Snan so enjoyable. The Ganga Ghat remains a center of so many astrological and spiritual gatherings. People organize a lot of spiritual activities on this day like pooja, aarti, bhajansandhya, havan, donations, etc. let’s see a brief about the same.

Ganga Snan
As per Vedic astrology, having Ganga Snan on KartikPurnima brings in luck and omits all your sins. KartikPurnima holds big significance in Hindu mythology and Ganga Snan is a holy ritual in India. It is also believed that bathing in river Ganga is equivalent to all other sacred ponds, rivers or any other water resources. 

It is a pious day to feed poor and needy people. One should also organize havan at the Ganga ghat to ward off all the evil and sin factors. Donating things like food, clothes, utensils, etc. to needy people is said to be a great exercise. People also seek river Ganga's blessings to keep them healthy and wealthy. 

As per the ancient Puranas, even sighting or touching the river Ganga is like a blessing. One should always keep Gangajal at their home as spreading it across the place keeps the negative energies out and ignites positivity everywhere. 

Ganga Aarti
During an Aarti, the devotee lit an earthen, ashtdhatu or single metal lamp with cotton fuse and clarified butter (Ghee) and chant Aarti. Aarti holds big significance in Hindu mythology. It is considered as offering complete love and devotion towards the lord and asking to forgive their mistakes.

Hawan or Havan hold big values for Hindu religion. It is believed that Havan brings a lot of positivity and keeps the place pious. A pile of sandalwood is litted with fire and considered as God. While chanting a series of Mantras, the fire or the lord is offered with a lot of offerings like Kapoor (camphor), Dhoop, flowers, etc.

As per Hindu mythology, a person should always donate. This keeps shedding their sins in the form of donations and brings positivity in their life. There are no specifics for the type of donation; it could be money, clothes, food, land, vehicle, etc. It completely depends upon the will of the donor. 

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