What can astrology tell you about your love life

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What can astrology tell you about your love life


What can astrology tell you about your love life

Love, a mesmerizing feeling everyone wants to go through. Love or arrange marriage is the most asked question even today. Love has a very significant role in everyone's life and even poet, mystics, and intellectuals too, have spoken about the life-changing touch of love. 

Love is one of the most talked-about subjects in astrology. We all have heard marriages are made in heaven but astrology shows the way on earth. Love Astrology can help in Love Prediction ultimately resulting to help you meet your soul mate. Love Astrology can find out if you both are Soul Mates or Recipe of Disaster. If you knew how much we can tell about you from just birth time, place, and date, you may freak out! We will cater to love life in this article. 

Astrologers have multiple ways to predict your love life. A thorough study is done before concluding to any result. These techniques are majorly divided into three variants. Kundli/birth chart matching, Zodiac sign compatibility, and Love Calculator. These predictions are for new love relations as well as existing ones. Let's understand each of them in little detail.

Kundli or Birth Chart Matching

With the help of time, place, and date of birth details, the birth chart of both the individuals is prepared for matching. In this process, we match both the Kundli based on 36 pointers commonly known as Gun. There is a total 36 gun matched on every minute aspect. These aspects are matched with the corresponding traits of your partner's personality. 

 5th house is the house of love. Love prediction will be based on the lord and planet placed in the 5th house and its reading will decide about your love life. Please be noted that we see the 5th house for love life and 7th house for married life. Apart from this, we also need to see the position and degree of planet Venus and Jupiter.  

If the 5th house has good planets placed and lord is also placed in a favorable house or making good conjunction or aspect, there is a high probability of a smooth love life. On the other hand, if planets placed in 5th house is malefic or in aspect with bad or unfavorable planets, we press the alarm node in love life. But you need now to worry, our world-class online astrologer has a solution to all the distress. 

Zodiac Sign Matching

There is 12 zodiac sign and each has its personality traits. In this process, we match your sign with your partner and check the compatibility. Various signs share friendly relations and few are poles apart. For example – Gemini shares a very good understanding with Libra and on the contrary bad with Cancer. 

With this, we will help you to understand how well your relationship will work as per the zodiac sign. How well these signs are compatible based on both moon and sun placement. You will find answers to all these questions and much more about your love life with zodiac sign love life readings.

Love Calculator

Of late we are seeing a lot of separation cases specifically in love marriages. Ride before marriage is very smooth and gets converted to bumpy one after marriage. Love Calculator is one of the advanced and scientific ways to calculate your love percentage with your partner. Algorithms are tested a thousand times before releasing this technique for masses. You need to input your birth date and full name. This has also the flavor of numerology to ensure accurate results. Planet's placements are also taken into consideration before throwing you the result of the calculations. 

Why fall in love when you can rise with Onegodmed love astrology. We are your love counselor. Talk to astrologer now and find your perfect soul mate. 

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