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What Is Tarot Card Reading?


What Is Tarot Card Reading?

Before you begin reading this post, onegodmed.com would appeal to you to take the utmost care of self and loved one's hygiene during this COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the guidance set by respective government authorities, stay indoors, and go out only when it is completely unavoidable, and don’t forget to wear a mask. Stay Safe!


Let’s begin

Do you know the cards which were discovered to play games are now gizmo to predict the future?  Yes, you guessed it right, it’s - Tarot Cards. Isn’t this so fascinating? Something which was designed to play games is accurately solving a million problems today. 

By the time you draw to the close reading this blog post, you will be able to understand pin to plane about Tarot Cards. What is Tarot Card? How can it help to solve life problems? How can one make relationships work? How can you gain from business or when can you expect a promotion? And a LOT more!! 


Many people don’t know the real influence of the Tarot Card. These cards can be considered as one of the wonders of this world. So today, if you want to understand it’s important and wants to know why to get readings done, do not miss this blog post!


*Announcement * This blog post will also cover Covid-19 impact on the world as per Tarot Card reading, So keep reading!


Below is a snippet of the origin of Tarot Cards 


It is believed that the tarot was based on a holy book written by Egyptian priests and brought to Europe by Gypsies from Africa. But in reality, tarot cards predated the presence of Gypsies in Europe, who came from Asia rather than Africa. Etteilla claimed that tarot cards originated with the legendary Book of Thoth, which supposedly belonged to the Egyptian god of wisdom. According to Etteilla, the book was engraved by Thoth's priests into gold plates, providing the imagery for the first tarot deck since the 15th century.  The earliest evidence of the Tarot being used for divination was in the 18th century.


Tarot Card Reading is the primordial way of predicting the future of humans.  Tarot Card deck consists of 78 symbolic cards having different meanings all linked up to the day to day life activities. The reading is no game of a child and shall be interpreted by a skilled and trained reader in drawing inferences.  It uses a combined approach of instinct and what is inscribed on the card. If analyzed correctly, results are bang on the target. It is very old and one of the most reliable ways to get mystical insight. Tarot guides you by connecting to your intuition. It just not tells you the path but also empowers you to walk the path. 


Complete Process of Reading 


What we are going to mention in this paragraph is little technical but very important to understand at the same time. There are two kinds of card structure – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. 22 Major Arcana also called Greater Trumps, represents rigorous energy/force or influence on reading. 16 Court Cards, representing 4 different sides of the affluent society. 40 cards numbered 1-10 in 4 suits, like the 4 suits of a modern playing card deck.


It begins with shuffling all the 78 cards having each a different meaning. After the client has asked the question, the reader shuffles the deck and lays out certain no of cards to start reading with. One needs to notice that the no of cards drawn depends upon the kind of reading and question asked. No varies from odd to even depending on the reader and its way of analyzing problems.  The card once selected is laid on a specific pattern on a tabletop. The position plays a crucial role here representing a type of meaning that affects the interpretation of the card that park there. 


Once the card is parked, the reader observes the layout closely by combining the gist of the cards with the places they are parked in the arrangement. And this is how the analysis process is completed and insights are drawn.


Let’s now make sense from Tarot Card Reading


Deck has two segments, lower cards, and upper cards. An upper card tells a story of travels, meeting people, a journey of life to death. The lower card is parallel to a deck of a standard playing card. 


There are multiple ways to read Tarot Cards, however, a three-card spread is the most known and simplest to explain. The reader tends to offer a deck, can be upper or lower, or both. Segment won’t be very important here. Let’s understand this thoroughly with an illustration – You come to onegodmed.com for a piece of advice. Here you will understand the reading that will bring the subconscious thought process. Our practitioner doesn’t want you to tell us about your question. Because knowing a question in advance might lead to a predictable reading which will not do justice to our work. So while you are asked to select your card, or we do on your behalf, we would ask you to think about your problem. You would be asked to select three cards randomly. 


The 1st card would tell you about your problem in the past. The 2nd card relates to your feeling about your question/problem. 3rd and the final card would be considered to be the best possible outcome. Note that if the cards are not making sense, your subconscious mind would lead you to alarming signals as it decides something more important. 


Now our professional card reader who knows their art will recite stuff they have remembered. They might even use sleight of hand to make sure you get the cards they want, giving them less to memorize. They try to ensure the death card turns up because TV always includes it and it adds to the drama. The entire three cards have a story to tell with meaningful insights. While our practitioner starts reading, your subconscious mind wraps the words to bolt-on how we see your problem, without even knowing you try to find out the links. Since we don’t know the actual problem; you might be surprised by meaningful readings. 


As we read the first two cards you will be amazed how accurately the practitioner has not only to find out the problem but has also dragged out the other questions you have in your mind. Those questions were not very critical for you only till the point our practitioner has pointed it out. And you would understand that this is the root cause and your initial problem will not be important any longer as we dig deeper into the root cause. 


Now we would read the 3rd and the last card. We don’t claim to predict the future but we ensure to come up with the best possible outcome. Most of the cases we have observed that a question always makes space are related to love outcomes in one’s life. So in this case too, the past love or current relationship would puzzle in your mind. We would begin with how you feel about your current partner and what are your feelings they have for you. If the previous card has helped you to understand your dealing in the past has not been good, then this new partner or your current partner you would need to look at your skills first. I feel like this is the right partner for you, and your subconscious mind agrees too, you would like to settle with the person and live happily ever after. You can still be amazed that we have completed the entire reading without even knowing the actual problem. 


Now take the excitement to the next level with a second illustration. 


This time you happen to draw the Death Card. The moment you see the card, you wheeze. You might get thoughts about what would happen to my life now. But we onegodmed.com are to help and ease you out with all your problems. Our practitioner would help you realize that the Death card symbolizes an ending. So not to worry, as you might switch your job, or a new relationship journey might begin. If you are not happy in a relationship, you would now have all the circumstances created to come out of an unhappy bond. 

The practitioner would keep the death card as an ultimate future card. And then would use a more complex method to find out exactly what the questioner is asking and how they feel about it. After drawing the first two cards and making a reading out of them, the practitioner would then tell you should end your long marriage or things might workaround. 


One can also do the self-reading but the toughest part is your subconscious mind would tell you what you already know. And this would end up in wrong interpretations. Even your close one knows about your problem which again would give biased results. And that is why you need a professional to help you out with Tarot Readings. 


All the points in the universe are connected with all other points. So change in one point would lead to change in another. So meaning what we apply to symbols can also be applied to situations or people around you. And our professional does the same for you. It not depicts pictures and secret messages but also guides our lives through spiritual and karmic knowledge. Knowing about this is vital as all of these are connected to our jobs, business, and other daily life activities.


Importance of Tarot Card Reading


Tarot Card Online reading service helps you to understand the deepness of your souls and conscious and subconscious mind so that you can achieve divine wisdom and ultimately grow positivity in your life. Tarot Card also inspired your life by helping you reach a spiritual state which everyone must attain to live a happy and healthy life.  
There are unbelievable benefits one can attain from Tarot Consulting and below we are trying to list the important ones:

  • Tarot images can be used for meditation 

  • Self Development 

  • Spiritual Power

  • Life Lessons

  • Path Guidance 

  • Problem Solver

  • Help connect us with our subconscious mind, and

  • Help us to achieve all our dreams


Covid-19 as per Tarot Card Reading


As promised in the beginning, here is the CoronaVirus analysis as per Tarot Card Reading. 2020 is a very interesting year. This is a kind of revolutionary time and we all are headed to a new beginning. Here you will read the analysis and please be noted that we would not disclose much about cards as it would differ from practitioner to practitioner. The analysis is from May onwards - 

1st Cards depicts - Energy Control – The world is currently feeling that their entire energy is controlled by this pandemic. It also means that the reason this pandemic is getting intensified is due to the uncertainty that when one will get rid of COVID-19. 

Since traveling is banned this card basically means people would like to grow spiritually. How things would start changing in a positive way. 


The 2nd card depicts – Young energy – These hard times will tell who is the good leader in the world. We would also see the young generation pitching in and helping the world out. 


3rd card depicts – Travelling – Since traveling is banned. This has to do more with your spiritual travel/growth. The only way to control COVID-19 until vaccination is to ban ourselves from travel. Stay locked and grow spiritually. 

This virus would start fading away from June onwards. Life would start coming back on track slowly and gradually and finally, would all be set by September end. 


**Disclaimer** This reading is purely for the purpose to understand the COVID-19 pandemic from the Tarot Card Reading perspective. Cards drawn can vary from practitioner to practitioner. We don’t stand liable for any readings and interpretations.


Why should you seek guidance from onegodmed.com? 


We hope by now you would understand how important Tarot Card Reading is and how it can shape your life the way you would want it to look like.

Our professional team of Tarot Card Reading has more than 20 years of experience. And that is not the best part, the best part is the result accuracy, the prominent reason clients keep coming back to us all the time, with better assurance due to past experience.  Most of our clients come by word of mouth publicity itself, saying all about our quality of Tarot Card Readings. 

We believe the above blog would have definitely helped you understand why you should consider seeking help from a professional Tarot Card Reader Online. These cards will make a believer out of you.  It is very critical to draw constructive meaning from cards, so look for someone who knows how to use them. The reader should have the capability to talk directly to the card to draw the best possible insights to help you out with your problems.


In today’s time, everyone is going through a phase where they need guidance and support to look or move forward in their lives. What better could be than a genuine/honest/professional/best friend card reader to help out? We assist with the best and easiest possible solutions you can find online or offline on this earth. And now you know all the reasons, let us help you make your 2020 one of the best years ever even in the midst of this pandemic of COVID-19.

You have successfully found the keys, now don’t waste any single moment to open the lock. And we assure you the door will take you to the new possibilities of a positive life.  


Just like four different seasons, your Tarot Reading should at least be completed 4 times in a year to ensure you have the best possible outcomes to achieve what all you deserve and desire in the only life you have got. For more information and for any query reach out to talk to astrologer, we are available 24/7 to help you!


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