Why ISRO used Hindu Calendar "Panchang"?

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Why ISRO used Hindu Calendar "Panchang"?


Why ISRO used Hindu Calendar "Panchang"?

Why ISRO used Hindu Calendar "Panchang" to launch its most crucial— The Mars Orbiter Mission. 

ISRO used the Hindu calendar "Panchang" to launch its most crucial mission—The Mars Orbiter Mission. The reason behind its success is considered the scientific information used from the Hindu Calendar by the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) team for its successful launch. This comes out with and gets highlighted by a most popular actor of Indian Cinema R Madhavan. But now he is being brutally trolled by the people for mockingly claiming that Hindu Calendar "Panchang" merely helped ISRO launch a rocket into space and reach Mars orbit.

The actor seems to make such remarks during a promotional event for his upcoming film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. Which is based on the ISRO space scientist Nambi Narayanan. who recently revealed the reason behind choosing the actor to direct his life story. This statement unknowingly hurts the sentiments of people due to the mockery representation of the fact. 

But actually, this is something that needs no mockery rather it's something to be proud of. This event shows that even the scientists use and believe the facts and authenticity of the Hindu calendar which is of the most scientific in nature in terms of planetary movements and their effects. Now the question is— If researchers and scientists use Hindu Calendar for making their calculations to be of precise order. What's wrong with it? Why do people react without knowing the facts? Whatever, but none can defame facts for just a small promotional stunt. 

Why does ISRO use the Hindu Calendar "Panchang"? 

And the reason could be— Being such a splendid organization of space research accuracy and precision matter foremost. So, what could be more precise than a Hindu calendar in terms of calculations? Whereas, people use the Gregorian calendar globally for any timely calculation and considerations.

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How Scientific is the Hindu Calendar? How it is not the same as the Gregorian Calendar. 

The Gregorian calendar is based on the concept of earth's revolution as it circles the sun, on the other hand, Hindu calendar is based on the concept of the moon's movement around the earth. In the Gregorian calendar, each of the 12 months has 30 or 31 days, while the months in the Hindu calendar have just 28 days. For straightforwardness and consistency, we all constantly consider a Gregorian calendar, particularly for official and recording purposes.

A day in the Gregorian calendar starts at 12 midnight. But for the change in clock counting, there is no appreciable difference between 11.55 pm and 0.05 am. However, the Hindu calendar has its own credits. The Hindu calendar is based on astronomical facts or geocentric mathematics. Which makes it more scientific and precise than others in nature.  

So, as a result, reacting to the remark of Actor R. Madhavan, a huge crowd stood in contradiction and a few wrote— “Science is not everyone's cup of tea. It's ok not to know science. But it's better to keep your bloody mouth shut when you've no idea as to how things actually work; instead of questioning some WhatsApp stuff and making a mockery of yourself”. 

Where another wrote— "To call actor Madhavan's claims on India's Mars Orbiter Mission 'stupid' will be an understatement; the amount of bullshit he blurted out in a couple of minutes, with terrifying confidence and utter disregard for facts, is of gargantuan proportions".

A few added that the "Hindu Calendar" is the most scientific calendar. Where the Gregorian calendar is only based on the motion of the sun and the Hindu calendar is based on both the moon and the sun. It is based on Chandra sources which make it even more scientific than others. 

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Wholly and solely, those who are not well versed with the Panchang have no clue about the intricacies which every Hindu year brings along with it. The fact is Hindu calendar is more precise and scientific than the Gregorian calendar. ISRO too is an organization that is based on scientific research about space. And now the question is why it cannot use Panchang for its experiments and would go for other calendars which are nowhere around it. Well, we are ending these questions in suspense. Rest leave it to you for further analysis.

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