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Health Report

Health Report

Good health is a jewel which needs to be treasured, a blessing which requires to be preserved, and a base on which a human can thrive. The ill man who is aggrieved by the diseases would not expose himself into the run of life. All the luxuries and joy in life only make sense when you are a healthy soul.

As known, the present era is dominated by toxic eating habits, excess of workload and busy lifestyles, chronic diseases, and restlessness among humans are inevitable. To fight with the problems of different stages of life, it is important to remain healthy.

Vedic astrology and divine sciences of Vedic astrology holds a great power which deals with health and longevity issues. Medical astrology by making use of horoscope, reveal the actual state of health as signified by the planets and also capable of providing super-effective remedies for problems. 

To get the all-round health support, one can easily avail his/her health report! Health report is a written form of compact report which holds detailed analysis of your health and well-being. It contains birth-details, planetary degrees, Lagna charts, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Dasamamsa Chart, Yogini Dasha, Vimshottari Dasha, and Sarvashtakvarga.

Elementary horoscope report of health

Recommendation of Gem, Basic horoscope details, Dasha examination

Recommendation for Rudraksha, Monthly prediction in a detailed manner

What your Health report holds? 

Thorough study and analysis of the prime house of health in your horoscope

Profound reading of all the transit in operations.

Accurate remedial solution to counter and cure possible health issues which can arise in future years.

Benefits of personalized health report

Guaranteed accurate analysis which helps you to suspect ailments. Unravel the exact health status in your life. The transit of Jupiter is studied to examine the power it lays on your health. The movements of malefic are tracked for their unpleasant effects on your wellbeing. Lastly, easy-to-remedies are suggested to cure your illness. 

Our Expert Astrologers will perform a detailed check on your Horoscope and will prepare your personalized Health Report. Your Report will be delivered within 48 Hrs. in your onegodmed account. 

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