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Pitra Dosh Report

Pitra Dosh Report

Pitra Dosh, the word itself decode its meaning and that is, Pitra- forefathers. It is a karmic debt of the ancestors which reflects in the horoscope in the form of planetary combinations. In simple words, any person whose forefathers have committed any sin or crime, then the person is having Pitra Dosh in his horoscope.

The occasion of Shraddh is significantly explained in the ‘Brahma Puran’ in which it is stated that the lord of death, ‘Yamraj’ release all the souls on the day of Shraddh to go and have food made by their children. Those children who do not perform Shraddh, upset their forefathers and allow themselves to witness the repercussion of Pitra Dosh.


Pitra Dosh leads to an unfavorable condition in anyone’s life like unnatural death, delay in marriage, problems in married life, forbidding in conceiving, miscarriage during the conceiving, and many more. To untangle the misery and eradicate the sorrows, one needs to practice the remedies of Pitra Dosh to rescue himself from the consequence of Pitra Dosh. The Pitra Dosh report would pour the light upon the symptoms of Pitra Dosh and educate you about in-depth details of Pitra Dosh effects along with providing the remedies.

From basic horoscope to the miserable dosha and its remedies, the Pitra Dosha report contains everything and would give a solution to your melancholy phase of life caused by Pitra dosha. Pitra dosh report is a godsend for those who have been struggling in life because of Pitra Dosh.


Pitra Dosha report is prepared using deep astrological calculation which will provide you the in-depth analysis report to decode your sorrows caused by Pitra Dosha, by availing Pitra Dosh report, you can get the profound information of the following:

Pitra Dosha Description, Pitra Dosha Symptoms, Pitra Dosha Remedies, Pitra Dosha Recognition

Your Pitra Dosh Report will hold

Calculations of Birth Chart, Sarvashtakvarga Chart, Dasamamsa Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart

Yogini Dasha, Avakahada Chakra, Planetary degree and their position, Explanation of Pitra Dosh

Remedies of Pitra Dosh, Symptoms of Pitra Dosh, How to recognize Pitris, Vimshottari Dasha 

Our Expert Astrologers will perform a detailed check on your Horoscope and will prepare your personalized Pitra Dosh Report. Your Report will be delivered within 48 Hrs. in your onegodmed account. 

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