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Personal Life: You will experience heightened activity in terms of using the gift of your tongue. The conversations will keep your energies somersaulting and you will hardly be able to relax. Your activities will keep your romance mitigated to a degree. Quick to sacrifice and seeking gratitude, you have a different approach toward your relationship
Profession: Holidays may not amuse you anymore. You seem to have enjoyed a real good share of your breaks. Unhinged to celebrations around you, you are waiting to get back to your work. Easily bored, you are looking a bit ahead compared to others and galloping on a different approach for the New Year.
Health: Do not make a Frankenstein's Monster out of yourself, as you may turn to hogging or drinking binges. Be thoughtful while treating your body the way it needs to be treated.
Travel: Romantic travel is on the list. Your future consort would be will be the best choice to make a transit with.
Luck: Be ready as the question could pop up anytime. Its time you enter the wedlock, raising your life a notch higher. It's time to get yourself into beautiful commitment that will enrich you heart and life. It's time to raise a toast!
Emotions: There is whirlpool of tumult and confusion rising in your mental spheres right now. It's the checkered pattern of emotion and reason that is creating the commotion, as they are skirmishing on every emerging issue. When the heart and mind are out of harmony, slackening back and letting go is simply a difficult choice to lay your finger on.

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Personal Life: Your love necessities are different today. Clutching on to the demands vehemently you may lose the fine line between asking and over asking. Your sense of over demand is being driven by your craving
Profession: You are in your own sphere as of now. Gluing to your own panache of tackling things, you want to be yourself. Quick to react and high in liquid energy, you don't want to be kept in waiting till others finish their job.
Health: You will need something challenging to kick you out of your monotony. A pastime, interest or hobby good enough to charge up your grey matter will be essential, as if this does not work out, then your teeth will surely do the working on the junk that is there in the fridge.
Travel: Fresh business awaits you. Transit in terms of enhancing or initiating a venture will be on the list.
Luck: It's time to look for a soul mate. Dating and wedding bells will be on their ring. Your ruler conjunct Venus will welcome in betrothals of your taste.
Emotions: Your mental branch is not burde.ned with the snow of responsibility. When this exists, leading becomes easy. The steel of a carefree lion is a measure beyond. So be sure you make the most of it now.

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Personal Life: Opportunities big or small keep coming at your doorstep. But being single is propelling your caution with an extra force and tenacity. The over caution may lead you to miss out on your opportunities that come in for a reason. And for those who are married, rekindle the lost emotion and keep logic a little away from the matters of heart.
Profession: You confidence is hitting a lower string right now. Choosing to work behind the screen, you are in no mood to accept the PR work or in any other public domain. You want to lay back as of now and work according to your own speeds.
Health: Assimilate the fact that you are in succession deceived by those who you put your trust in. Trust is an investment, not for the time being but for a lifetime. Also it is essential to understand and comprehend the nature of people whim we trust in. Do not be gullible while putting your faith and do some study before taking the plunge.
Travel: Work and vicinity trips will keep you on your toes.
Luck: You are strong in taking your stand. Though strong headed, love will be your prime interest. Sly in forgiving, your forgetfulness will run the magic.
Emotions: Your attitude is make or break – if your attitude is based on reforming your thoughts, thinking positive, intensifying your awareness and looking at deeper issues, you can have an enlightening and deeply fulfilling time within relationships.

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