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Personal Life: Your relationship topology will undergo drastic change. The rhythms that you initiate will have definite and clear-cut effects on your relationships. Your focal point and individual sense of direction will have traction with your partner. Be prompt to deal with both the temporal and enduring spheres of relationship so that you may you may propel ahead in the future without really having to turn back.
Profession: Stick by your decisions and make them work. Once made, resolutely execute your plans and trust your moves. There's nothing under the sun that won't work for you as of now, be it goal resolutions or sticking by the afflicting adversities.
Health: Be careful with too much self indulgence. Do not tipple. The inebriation will lead to seismic effects. Thus watch out of all the tempting slush and liqueur around.
Travel: Your home ambience will elevate your spirits. Hence it's an excellent time to travel home.
Luck: Money and health will bring in good luck if you stick by the goals resolutely.
Emotions: A mix of all emotions will ooze out from your mental pores.

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Personal Life: Your energies are bouncing impatiently as of now. Your sensitivity will cause to react even to the minutest thing without needing much of provocation. You are in your impatient sphere right now.
Profession: Your are vacillating from one point to another. Your pointers of interest and concentrations are changing their points of directions. Your focal point not being constant, you may waste your energies on doltish elements, at times losing the track of a larger picture. You are like a tea bag; only in strong waters do you realize your power and resilience.
Health: Irritation at times is connected directly with your cravings and want of satiating food stuffs. Your disposition is that of annoyance right now. Pattern your food chart smartly, including delicacies that will help you counter your impatience and vexation. Foods like peanut butter, spice free noodles, baked potatoes, bananas, walnuts and cheesy bakes will mellow your scorching temperament.
Travel: Considering your current moods, soothing and pleasing trips would be preferable.
Luck: Associations and betrothals will bring in good luck.
Emotions: In a pair of fish, the swimming patterns of one often influences the patterns of the other. Tied with somewhat the same string, the invisible yarn will dangle your thoughts as per the thoughts and psyche of the other involved.

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Personal Life: Giving your companion the space he/she deserves is beautiful. When tangibly near, your relationship will have an earthy texture. But when you realize the sublime beauty of loving through a distance, the relationship will become ethereal. Also peep in to your own rigidity and intolerance. Parochialism will crush the expansion of your heart and make you self trap in fury and fear.
Profession: There will be an accentuated hyperactivity at your workplace. Its natural in institutions. Stay at the periphery without traversing toward its core. Once in, you are sure to caught up in a whirlpool of mudslinging and malicious smudging of reputations.
Health: Health is all about maintaining the well being that is dependent on various individual fractions. do not extend your hand and heart to those calorificient foods and the scinitillating red wine. Kick your common sense in place and work out better health options that will contribute toward ypur well being rather than depriving you of it.
Travel: It's the time cycle that must rub over the same circumference coming to the point from where it started. Travelling to complete or put an end something initiated in the past is on the list.
Luck: Habituated patterns are so much a part of our daily survival. But the influence of Saturn in conjunction with Sun will motivate you into quitting these habituated life patterns . It will also chip in some solid New Year resolution.
Emotions: Every sprout of fear has a seed dug in. Check on this source from where this fear is germinating. The more you control, the more fear will grip in. Let the affairs be lose, and the trust and commitment factors will flow, the key elements that you hold in high esteem.

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