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Personal Life: Your ruler planet, Mercury, is really going to affect your love life today. Expect the unexpected. Single signs are going to feel very flirty.
Profession: Tap into your network. Ready to become a software engineer and know a friend (or a friend of a friend) who is one? Reach out to them! Buy them coffee, find out about their process, dig into what they wish they knew when they got started.
Health: Try to eat more balanced meals. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean that you are getting everything that your body needs.
Travel: Traveling isn’t recommended. Stay at home, be smart and stay safe. Don’t allow the spreading the virus.
Luck: The numbers that are going to bring you good luck today are 2, 5, and 11.
Emotions: Today, you feel a strong connection to your family and your family traditions. Give your parents a call, or an older family member. It will mean a lot to them.

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Personal Life: With Venus sending high energy today, it is very probable that today will be a productive day for both single and taken signs.
Profession: With Venus, the planet of love but also the planet of money, sending out good energy, it is very possible that you will receive a nice amount of money today.
Health: You may feel some kind of discomfort in your throat today. It would be best if you had an appointment with your doctor.
Travel: Traveling isn’t recommended today. It would be best if you just stayed home.
Luck: Sadly, you won’t have a lot of social luck today. Stay away from people who have a bad vibe.
Emotions: You need to distance yourself from people who aren’t good for you. It’s hard to say “no” and it’s hard to say “good bye”, but it needs to be done.

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Personal Life: Taken signs, if you find that your own insecurities are poisoning your partnership, talk it out with them and consider seeking therapy. Single signs will feel wanted and lusted for.
Profession: Unemployed signs, here is some advice - after you’ve started to get a grasp of how you’ll stand out in an interview, hold mock interviews to practice. Hold a mini session with someone close to you to see if they understand your skills and what you can do. 
Health: Don’t have soft drinks or energy drinks while you're exercising. Stay properly hydrated by drinking enough water during your workout (just don't overdo things, as drinking too much water can also be dangerous).
Travel: Don’t travel today. Don’t travel anytime soon. Stay at home.
Luck: Your lucky numbers are going to be 91 and 3. Expect minor financial gain tonight!
Emotions: Keep in mind that only face to face communication results in true emotions and unique experiences.

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