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Personal Life: Miscommunications can lead to some pretty ugly arguments, so if you’re uncertain about something, try to discuss it calmly so you can sort things out: you may have misheard or misread something your partner said/did and taken it totally out of context, so clarify before freaking out about anything.
Profession: It’s important to do what needs to be done at work, but it’s also very important to network and to socialize. Now it is very likely that some investments have started to pay off.
Health: Eat your stress away. Prevent low blood sugar as it stresses you out. Eat regular and small healthy meals and keep fruit and veggies handy. Herbal teas will also soothe your frazzled nerves.
Travel: Traveling is not a smart idea right now. Stay at home and stay safe.
Luck: Everything will be okay. Jupiter and its energy is following you wherever you go.
Emotions: Sagittarius, you are strong and you just need to start believing in yourself more. Self-doubt is the only thing that is stopping you.

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Personal Life: Even when you have been with the same person for 10 years, you mustn’t forget that you need to keep dating them and that you need to keep learning about them.
Profession: Financially, you could be doing better. Shopping isn’t recommended today. At work, it would be best if you behaved a bit more assertive.
Health: Later in the day, you may have some trouble with a headache. Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough sleep?
Travel: Traveling isn’t recommended today. It would be best if you just stayed home.
Luck: There is a lot of lucky energy in the air. See what you can do to make use of this.
Emotions: Do things that you are afraid of. Push yourself beyond your limits today, at least mentally. You can do it. There is no need to be scared anymore.

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Personal Life: There might be tension between you and your partner. What’s passed is past, and rehashing old ugliness will just poison future happiness. Let it go.
Profession: Here is a tip for unemployed signs: Consider paying a professional or getting someone in your future field to make some recommendations on your resume. Chances are there are ways they can help you sell yourself better. 
Health: To improve your fitness quickly and lose weight, harness the joys of interval training. Set the treadmill or step machine on the interval program, where your speed and workload varies from minute to minute.
Travel: Don’t travel today. Don’t travel anytime soon. Stay at home.
Luck: You are going to have lots of luck later in the day. Don’t invest in real estate.
Emotions: There are just two things that make our life unbearable: it’s either endless suffering or meaningless suffering. If we set a time limit and put a clear meaning into it, then suffering turns into training of our personal qualities.

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