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Personal Life: Take cooking classes or swing dance lessons together, hook up with friends to go to wine tasting nights, but then split off for your individual pursuits: you’ll have fun things to talk about when you meet up afterwards.
Profession: Watch what you eat and how you move. Pay as much attention to your mental and physical health as you do your career search. We’re talking three square meals a day, and plenty of exercise built into your routine.
Health: If you have had dental problems in the past, it would be best if you had a check-up with your doctor soon. Eat less carbs today.
Travel: Traveling is prohibited. Stay at home. Stay safe. Don’t be stupid during a time of a global pandemic.
Luck: Your lucky numbers are going to be 89 and 39. However, don’t gamble today.
Emotions: Short-term affects and long-term moods bring all kinds of colors into our lives: positive feelings comfort while negative emotions warn.

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Personal Life: In relationships, Scorpio signs tend to be warm, but still reserved to a degree. Let your partner “in” more. Single signs should stay away from Leo signs.
Profession: When it comes to your career, you aren’t worried at all. You are driven, focused and ready to take on more responsibilities.
Health: You are likely worried or even paranoid about your health right now. Do what you can to stay healthy and feeling good.
Travel: When you are traveling, it’s always good to read a few traveling books about the place that you are visiting.
Luck: You are feeling lucky around
Emotions: Due to the Moon’s transition, you are likely feeling a bit more in tune with your emotions. You may cry today.

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Personal Life: Some people lie to their partners for years out of fear of hurting or offending them, but that can lead to a whole lot of ugliness on all sides. Be honest with the one that you love.
Profession: Find something that you are truly passionate about and are able to do very well, and turn it into a regular occupation. Select a field, which lets you grow.
Health: Experts say weight training should be done first, because it's a higher intensity exercise compared to cardio. Eat more protein!
Travel: Don’t travel today. Don’t travel anytime soon. Stay at home.
Luck: Jupiter is sending you lucky energy. You are going to have lots of luck today.
Emotions: Every now and then we all need some time of our own, which we usually are too busy to find. Put it into your schedule and stick to the plan.

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