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Personal Life: You are fine drawn in flipping your stance in a very defined manner without anybody really knowing as to when and how was the flip done. This fine change will save you a lot of damage and also anchor you in a win-win situation.
Profession: You are steadfast in your goals and exactly know how to stick by them and, make them work in the face of adversity or affliction.
Health: Cutting down on junk carb and fat will majorly affect you positively in 2019. Effervescent drinks, extra sugar and gluten and unnecessary lipids will keep you fit and cheery al through your 2019. Health resolutions mad e right now will give the outcome of a higher degree.
Travel: Enjoying the night life travel is preferable.
Luck: Storms and williwaw will bring in a floating cloud good luck.
Emotions: Well, magic happens over a cup of coffee. Warm conversations, talks and chit-chats will be your preferred vent out to for your balmy emotions.

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Personal Life: Every human is bound to his/her limitations. As Bruce Lee rightly says "I am not here to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine". The more you mitigate your expectation, the more beautiful and crystal clear will your partner will appear to you. Give your companion the space it needs, your high expectation will only equal their high stress levels.
Profession: The right proportion of all your ingredients make up a dish. Doing the bone-breaking work, your energies are inclined comparatively more towards things that attract you than those that creep in boredom and ennui. Working in correct proportion all the elements will yield you desired produce.
Health: Different energy current will be circulating through your body channels. You will experience betterment in your health. You will refrain from the things that need to be avoided and will learn to say NO gracefully, saving yourself the best of time and people.
Travel: Lengthy transits are preferable.
Luck: Physical recreation will bring in sprightly spirit and good luck.
Emotions: Your emotional awareness will be heightened. When the emotional sphere is on full swing rotation, avoid being pragmatic as they might color your decisions and induce confusion.

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Personal Life: Be confident enough to barge out of an association that you know is in negative vibration for you. Be courageous to say NO and walk out of the fencing insecurity. Do not doubt yourself or your decision, trust your intuition and take the right step.
Profession: The happening that are taking place right now are of utmost importance to you. And hence you do not consciously wish to make a flaw. While being cautious, be tethered to your plans that have always worked in your favor.
Health: It's all in the inside of you that will do the magic. With out trying to get to the core of things via discussion or any other chosen method, just let your relationships dangle in their own time set. Merely send out the positive vibes of resolving the issues and strive towards maintaining your inner spectrum of peace.
Travel: Tours for work and economy will be fruitful
Luck: Magnanimous projects will ring in good luck charm.
Emotions: Do not extrapolates as it might worsen the things. Be defined on the facts and do not get into random guess work in emotional spheres. The truth may be the other way round.

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