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Your palm holds the eternity of your destiny, let’s get benefited! 

Palmistry is a domain of ancient science that deals with the interpretation of an individual’s personality and character traits through the lines on his/her palm. The practice of palm reading is quite popular around the world, with major and minor cultural deviations prevailing across borders. Palmistry has two sub-divisions, namely Chiromancy and Chirognomy. While the former deals with the liens on the palm, the latter reveals the significance of the shape, color, and texture of the hands.

There are four major lines that form the basis of life of any individual, the heart line, the lifeline, the headline, and the fate line.

At onegodmed.com, we house Astro-palmists that possess the skill, experience, and expertise in revealing the significance of those lines on the palm. They are adept in foretelling the future just by deciphering the planetary positions and zodiac signs in the palm lines and determine the positive and negative energies of the planets through the lines. 

Know yourself completely !! Get Instant Voice or Video consultation with our expert Palmists Now. 

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With the guidance of our verified experts, listen to the language of the stars and planets and determine whether they will shed light on you or cause darkness in your future years!

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